Ana concluded her PhD in Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute (EUI), Florence, in 2011. She is, since 2011, an assistant professor at the Iscte (Lisbon University Institute) and a researcher at the Centre for Sociological Studies and Research, Lisbon University Institute (CIES-IUL). Prior to starting her PhD, she has worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS; 2002-2005); as a guest junior researcher at the Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB; 2005-2006); and as a junior researcher at the Complutense University, Madrid (2007). Between January and March 2011, she has worked as a teaching assistant at the University of London, Birkbeck College. Furthermore, Ana holds a first degree in Sociology (2001) and a Master¿s degree in Political Science (2006) - both of these from the Iscte. Her main research interests are gender and politics, comparative politics, political representation, electoral systems and methodology and data analysis. She has been part of various national and international research projects focusing on these and other topics at ICS, CIES-IUL, EUI, University of California in San Diego (USA). She is the author and co-author of several book chapters and articles in prestigious journals, such as the West European Politics, Electoral Studies, Government and Opposition, Parliamentary Affairs and Party Politics. Her work has been presented in several national and international conferences, including APSA, MPSA and ECPR.

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Ana Cristina Rodrigues do Espírito Santo

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  • Espírito-Santo, Ana

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