Diogo Ferrer, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is Associate Professor with Aggregation in Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra. He obtained the title of Aggregate in Philosophy in 2013, and the PhD in Philosophy in 2004. - He is head of the Department of Philosophy, Communication, and Information at that Faculty (2023-2025), and Chief Executive Officer of the Marion Ehrhardt Foundation, dedicated to the promotion of the scientific and cultural relations between Germany and Portugal. Besides being Coordinator of the research group Hermeneutic Rationality in the Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies - CECH, he is Chief Editor of the Series Idea in the Coimbra University Press. - He is author of over 110 scientific books, articles, book chapters, papers, translations, and other publications in several countries, and participated as keynote speaker, invited speaker, and speaker in more than 100 lectures, conferences, and seminars in different countries in Europe and South America. He has translated into Portuguese major works by Fichte and Husserl. - He teaches regularly graduation courses on Ontology and Philosophical Anthropology, Master seminars on Monographic Topics in the History of Philosophy, German Idealism, and Architecture and Philosophy, and PhD seminars on the reception of Greek philosophy in contemporary though, among others subjects. He supervises regularly Doctoral and Master theses in Portuguese, English and French. He is also faculty member of the College of Arts, University of Coimbra, and was local coordinator of the Master Erasmus mundus «Europhilosophie - Philosophies allemandes et françaises: enjeux contemporains» at the University of Coimbra (2012-2023). He has teaching experience in different universities in Portugal, Spain, France, and Brazil, where he has been invited for courses and seminars in Portuguese, Spanish, and German. - His research is mainly directed to the study of German Classical Philosophy and its resonances in the 20th and 21st Century philosophy, regarding topics in Metaphysics, History of Philosophy, Philosophical Systems, Aesthetics and Philosophical Anthropology.

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Diogo Falcão de Ferrer

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  • Ferrer, Diogo

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  • Universidade de Coimbra, Faculdade de Letras, Departamento de Filosofia, Comunicação e Informação. Pç. Porta Férrea, 3004-530, Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal (Profissional)

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