Teresa Mora teaches Sociology at the Department of Sociology of the University of Minho and is researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.UMinho) She has been studying in the field of Utopian Studies. It started in 1995 with a path of reflection on the scientific status of sociology. Doctoral dissertation (2006) is distinguished from a normative vision of scientific knowledge based on the assumption of rupture between his methodical and discursive procedures and those that configure the utopian mode of knowledge. This epistemological positioning resulted, among others, in the following publications: Mora, T. (2013), “Classics of Sociology and Modern Social Utopias: Displacing Knowledge Boundaries” in Jorge Bastos da Silva (ed.), The Epistemology of Utopia: Rhetoric , Theory and Imagination, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 65-79; Mora, T. (2009), Viagem, Utopia e Insularidade: narrativas fundadoras da ciência e da sociedade moderna, Lisboa, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian/Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. Since 2013, T. Mora guided the investigation towards the study of the uses and meanings that the term “utopia” increasingly assumes, in the current Western context, both in scientific-social and philosophical productions as well as in artistic productions. She is currently investigating collaborative practices between art, science and philosophy, and artistic practices of participation and social intervention, resulting in the following publications, among others: Mora, T. (2017).“A atualidade política da ‘utopia’”. In D. Tavares, D. Oliveira , L.P. Lopes, O. Grossegesse, C. Flores, M. Ramon (Eds.), Outros lugares: utopias, distopias, heterotopias (185-212). V.N. Famalicão: Edições Húmus; Mora, T. (2017). House on fire: a political and collaborative art case. Revista Comunicação e Sociedade - Comunicação e Arte, 31: 149-163; Mora, T. (2018). Cuidados com o mundo e aproximações arte-ciência. In S. Gomes, V. Duarte, F.B. Ribeiro, L. Cunha, A. Brandão, A. Jorge (Org.), Desigualdades sociais e políticas públicas. Homenagem a Manuel Carlos Silva (595-603). V. N. Famalicão: Edições Húmus.

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