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Sotirios Karampampas

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  • Karampampas, Sotirios

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2012/10/01 - 2018/06/01
PhD in Politics (Doktor (PhD))
The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
"How Has the Phenomenon of Revolutionary Groups Been Resilient in Greece? A Relational Study of Two Contentious Episodes (1965 – 2002)" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
2008/09/01 - 2009/09/30
MA in International Politics and Security Studies (Master)
University of Bradford Division of Peace Studies, United Kingdom
"The Role of Discourse in the Social Construction of Security and Terrorism: Deconstructing the “War on Terror”" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
2003/09/01 - 2008/02/29
BA in Political Science and Public Adminsitration (Bachelor)
Ethniko kai Kapodistriako Panepistemio Athenon, Greece


Host institution
2019/05/01 - Current Researcher (Research) Panepistemio Peloponnesou, Greece
Center for Greek and International History - Panepistimio Peloponnisou, Greece

Teaching in Higher Education

Host institution
2021/02/01 - Current Lecturer (University Teacher) London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
London Metropolitan University School of Social Sciences, United Kingdom
2019/10/01 - 2020/06/30 Lecturer (University Teacher) University of Essex, United Kingdom
University of Essex Department of Government, United Kingdom
2013/10/01 - 2018/06/30 Assistant (University Teacher) The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
The University of Sheffield Department of Politics, United Kingdom
2015/02/01 - 2017/02/28 Tutor (University Teacher) The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
The University of Sheffield Faculty of Social Sciences, United Kingdom


Designation Funders
2015 - 2018/06/30 TransSOL - European Paths to Transnational Solidarity at Times of Crisis: Conditions, Forms, Role-Models and Policy Responses
Research Fellow
The University of Sheffield Department of Politics, United Kingdom
Horizon 2020 European Innovation Council Fast Track to Innovation
2013 - 2016/12/31 LIVEWHAT - Living with Hard Times: How European Citizens Deal with Economic Crises and Their Social and Political Consequences
The University of Sheffield Department of Politics, United Kingdom
European Commission Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development Science in Society


Book chapter
  1. Karampampas, Sotirios. "The radical left movement, revolutionary groups, and Syriza". In Radical Left Movements in Europe, 173-192. Routledge, 2018.
    Published • 10.4324/9781315603483-10
Book review
  1. Karampampas, Sotirios. "Inside Greek terrorism". Review of Inside Greek terrorism 14, 3 (2014): 464-468. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14683857.2014.944388?journalCode=fbss20.
    Published • 10.1080/14683857.2014.944388
Journal article
  1. Karampampas, Sotirios. "The historical roots of political violence: revolutionary terrorism in affluent countries". Critical Studies on Terrorism (2021): 1-3. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17539153.2020.1870262.
    In press • 10.1080/17539153.2020.1870262
  2. Grasso, Maria T.; Yoxon, Barbara; Karampampas, Sotirios; Temple, Luke. "Relative deprivation and inequalities in social and political activism". Acta Politica 54 3 (2019): 398-429. http://dx.doi.org/10.1057/s41269-017-0072-y.
    Published • 10.1057/s41269-017-0072-y
  3. Karampampas, Sotirios. "Street citizens: protest politics and social movement activism in the age of globalization". Democratization 27 6 (2019): 1111-1113. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13510347.2019.1682999.
    Published • 10.1080/13510347.2019.1682999
  4. Karampampas, Sotirios; Temple, Luke; Grasso, Maria. "Violent political action during the European economic crisis: an empirical investigation of four theoretical paradigms from social movement research". Comparative European Politics 18 3 (2019): 420-436. http://dx.doi.org/10.1057/s41295-019-00191-4.
    Published • 10.1057/s41295-019-00191-4
  5. Karampampas, Sotirios. "Becoming a movement: identity, narrative and memory in the European global justice movement". Social Movement Studies 19 1 (2019): 101-102. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14742837.2019.1596792.
    Published • 10.1080/14742837.2019.1596792
  6. Grasso, Maria; Karampampas, Sotirios; Temple, Luke; Yoxon, Barbara. "Deprivation, class and crisis in Europe: a comparative analysis". European Societies 21 2 (2019): 190-213. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14616696.2019.1584324.
    Published • 10.1080/14616696.2019.1584324
  7. Yoxon, Barbara; Grasso, Maria; Karampampas, Sotirios; Temple, Luke. "Prejudice and relative deprivation: the effects of self-referenced individual relative deprivation on generalized prejudice in European democracies". European Societies 21 2 (2019): 280-302. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14616696.2019.1583356.
    Published • 10.1080/14616696.2019.1583356
  8. Karampampas, Sotirios. "Radicals, revolutionaries, and terrorists". Social Movement Studies 16 6 (2017): 757-758. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14742837.2017.1319271.
    Published • 10.1080/14742837.2017.1319271
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    Published • 10.1111/polp.12161
  11. English, Patrick; Grasso, Maria T.; Buraczynska, Barbara; Karampampas, Sotirios; Temple, Luke. "Convergence on Crisis? Comparing Labour and Conservative Party Framing of the Economic Crisis in Britain, 2008-14". Politics & Policy 44 3 (2016): 577-603. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/polp.12160.
    Published • 10.1111/polp.12160