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Alexandra Magnólia Dias

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  • Dias, Alexandra
  • Dias, Alexandra M.
  • Dias, Alexandra Magnólia
  • Dias, A.M.

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2008/03/01 - 2009/05
Nationalism and Islamism in the Horn of Africa (Pós-doutoramento)
Major in Nacionalismo e Islamismo no Corno de África: análise do papel de actores internacionais na reconciliação na Somália
ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa Centro de Estudos Africanos, Portugal
2002/09/11 - 2008/02/03
International Relations (Doctor)
Major in Social Sciences
London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
passed with no corrections
1997/04/12 - 2001/01/27
Mestrado em Estudos Africanos (Mestrado)
Major in African Studies
ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal
Good with Distinction
1992/09/14 - 1996/09/11
Relações Internacionais (Licenciatura)
Major in Culturais e Políticas
Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Teaching in Higher Education

Host institution
2015/03/01 - Current Assistant Professor (University Teacher) Universidade Nova de Lisboa Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais, Portugal
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Portugal
2009/06/01 - 2014/06/30 Invited Assistant Professor (University Teacher) ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa Centro de Estudos Africanos, Portugal
ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa Centro de Estudos Africanos, Portugal
2005/09/08 - 2006/01/07 Assistant (University Teacher) London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
The London School of Economics and Political Science Department of International Relations, United Kingdom


Designation Funders
2010/01 - 2013/06 Monitorização de Conflitos no Corno de África
Governo da República Portuguesa Ministério da Ciência Tecnologia e Ensino Superior


Designation Funders
2019/01/01 - 2020/01/30 FCT Support to the Research Unit
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais, Portugal


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Conference abstract
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Course / Discipline taught

Academic session Degree Subject (Type) Institution / Organization
2012/02/06 - 2014/05/31 Between September 2011 and June 2014. History Department. Invited Assistant Professor. One semester Course : Regional Geo-Political Frameworks (MSc in History and International Relations). History and International Relations (Mestrado) ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal
2011/09/12 - 2014/05/31 Between September 2011 and June 2014. History Department. Invited Assistant Professor. Course Taught: International Politics (Bsc in Political Science) Licenc (Licenciatura) ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal
2012/09/12 - 2014/05/30 Research Seminar in International Relations . 01739 PhD Programme in Political Science- Specialization International Realations ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal