Brazilian and a descendant of a Jewish-Polish family of Holocaust survivors. PhD candidate granted by FCT (Science and Technology Foundation from Portugal) researching cinematographic irreverent representations of the Holocaust at the Department of Heritage Studies of the University of Porto (Portugal), and collaborating researcher at CITCEM (Center for Transdisciplinary Research Culture, Space and Memory - R&D unit based at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto). M.A. in Performing Arts from Uni-Rio (Rio de Janeiro [RJ], Brazil, 2009), researching the relations between television comedy and theater. Member of the International Society of Humor Studies. Co-editor of the book "The Noble Art of the Clown" (Márcio Libar, RJ, 2008). Member of the First KKL Educational Congress for Latin America (Tel Aviv, 2019). Creator, actor, and playwriter of the award-winning children's comedy show about bullying: "Monster Puppet - The Sad/happy story of my nicknames," founded through a public cultural program and nominated for awards in seven categories (RJ, 2016-2019). Art educator at Casa do Pontal Museum of Popular Art (RJ, 2010/2011). Artistic Coordinator of the Group of Science and Art for Public Health from Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, from the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) 2003/2004). High school drama teacher (RJ, 2011-2022), presenting over 20 shows with students. Actor in several movies, TV shows, and plays in Brazil.

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  • Rua Alberto de Oliveira 61, 4150-034, Porto, Porto, Portugal (Personal)


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  • Humanities - Arts - Studies on Film, Radio and Television
  • Humanities - Philosophy, Ethics and Religion - History and Philisophy of Science and Technology
  • Humanities - Arts - Performing Arts Studies (Musicology, Theater Science, Dramaturgy)


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Degree Classification
2022/09/01 - 2026/09/01
Heritage Studies (Doutoramento)
Major in History of Art
Universidade do Porto, Portugal
2011/07/01 - 2012/08/15
Pedagogy (Licence)
Major in Drama
AVM, Brazil

Universidade Cândido Mendes, Brazil
Excellent (maximum)
2007/01/06 - 2009/08/31
Master's Degree (Master Universitario)
Major in Drama
Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
"Hybrid aspects of a soloist actor: Pedro Cardoso" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
9,0 (Escala de 0,0 a 10,0)
2001/07/01 - 2005/07/14
Performing Arts (Bachelor)
Major in Acting
Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8,90 - Rating from 0,0 a 10,0 (zero to ten)

Teaching in Higher Education

Host institution
2018/03/05 - 2018/04/05 Visiting Professor (University Teacher) Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Positions / Appointments

Host institution
2010/02/10 - 2012/11/10 Art Education Museu de Arte Popular da Casa do Pontal, Brazil


Host institution
2011/03/10 - 2022/07/30 Drama Classes in Primary and High School Colégio Santo Agostinho, Brazil
2017/03/10 - 2021/11/10 Drama Classes in Primary and High School Escola Liessin, Brazil
2014/04/17 - 2014/12/20 Drama Classes in Primary and High School Escola de Aplicação da Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Designation Funders
2022/09/01 - 2026/09/01 Holocaust's representations and humor in cinema - The Great Dictator, Life is Beautiful, and Jojo Rabbit
PhD Student Fellow
Universidade do Porto Faculdade de Letras, Portugal
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
2009/07/10 - 2009/08/31 Hybrid aspects of a soloist actor: Pedro Cardoso
Master Student Fellow
Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior
2001/02/10 - 2003/11/10 Scientific Initiation Fellow in "Museu da Vida"
Scientific Initiation Fellow
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil
Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro


Designation Funders
2003/10/10 - 2004/12/10 Drama Group from the Cell Biology Laboratory
Coordenador de Projeto de Teatro aplicado à Saúde Pública
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil


Designation Funders
1996/10/03 - 1997/09/05 Technical development in Marketing and Publicity
Technical development


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    Published • Editor
Book chapter
  1. KATZ, EDUARDO. ""Espetáculos Solos Autorais na Cena Carioca no Início do Século XXI" [Solo Performances Shows from Rio de Janeiro - XXI century]". In Cadernos Virtuais de Pesquisa em Artes Cênicas - X Colóquio do PPGT 2007, 60-63. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: UNI-RIO, 2007.
  2. KATZ, EDUARDO; Tania Cremonini de Araújo Jorge. ""Scientific Theater workshop" - Results of the First Science and Arts Symposium". In "Ciência e Arte: Encontros e Sintonias" [Science and Art: Encounters and tuning], edited by Tania Cremonini de Araújo Jorge, 126-136. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Senac Rio, 2004.
Online resource
  1. KATZ, EDUARDO. "Ator Criador" [Actor Creator] - Drama critic site. 2015. http://atorcriador.com.br/author/dudukatz/.

Artistic / Performance

Artistic performance
  1. Isaac Bernat; Mona Magalhães; João Lucas Romero; Priscila Assum; Charles Kahn. 2016. "Filhote de Cruz-credo, A triste história alegre de meus apelidos" [Monster Puppet - The said/happy story of my nicknames"]. Centro Cultural Oi Futuro Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
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  1. KATZ, EDUARDO. "As Travessuras de Mojica" [Mojica's Prank]. 2021.

Oral presentation

Presentation title Event name
Host (Event location)
2023/12/01 Holocaust irreverent films: a triad of heritage, cinema, and humor to analyze the film "Jojo Rabbit" (Waititi) Seminars in History and Humor
Universidade de São Paulo (USP) (São Paulo, Brazil)
2023/07/14 Jojo Rabbit: Representation, humor, and deconstruction of the "sacred-evil" heritage" - An essay on Taika Waititi's movie International Society for Humour Studies Conference 2023
Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)

Event organisation

Event name
Type of event (Role)
Institution / Organization
2023/03/01 - 2023/05/31 Curator and presenter of the Academic seminar "Memory Forum - Jewish Resistance in Portugal" (2023/03/01 - 2023/05/31)
Seminar (Member of the Organising Committee)
Universidade do Porto Centro de Investigação Transdisciplinar Cultura Espaço e Memória, Portugal

Event participation

Activity description
Type of event
Event name
Institution / Organization
2019/07/15 - 2019/07/22 The first Congress for Latin America Jewish School Educators from all over was held by KKL in Israel, with lectures, educational activities, and historical, cultural, and ecological tours in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Congress has selected 40 educators and covered all expenses, aiming to promote an on-site experience of Jewish history and culture and the debate of ethical and educational issues.
Congreso de Educadores AMLAT 2019 [Educational Congress AMLAT 2019]
Keren Kayemet LeIsrael, Israel

Association member

Society Organization name Role
2001/03/10 - 2004/11/10 After the scientific initiation, presenting activities and shows in the first two years, I was promoted to coordinate a more specific public health project for a year. In all cases, through a multidisciplinary use of artistic languages to address scientific themes related to the institution, serving the museum's larger mission of dissemination and "demystification" of science.


Activity description Institution / Organization
2021/02/10 - 2021/12/25 Secretariat of Culture of Brazil consultor, analyzing performing arts projects submitted to obtain approval to receive financial investments through cultural incentive laws. Secretaria Especial de Cultura do Ministério do Turismo do Brasil, Brazil

Course / Discipline taught

Academic session Degree Subject (Type) Institution / Organization
2011/03/10 - Current Drama teacher for students of primary and secondary education. Fourteen shows were presented, and more than 250 students were involved. Creation and adaptation of original and classic theatrical texts with the student's participation. Drama (Licence) Colégio Santo Agostinho, Brazil
2017/03/10 - 2021/11/10 Drama teacher. Classes taught for students of the Third Cycle of Basic and Secondary Education, as well as the direction of shows with the collaboration of the students. Drama (Licence) Escola Liessin, Brazil

Escola de Aplicação da Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018/03/05 - 2018/04/05 The Boundaries between Theater and Psychology (Extension course) Psicologia (Bachelor) Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2010/02/10 - 2012/11/10 Planning, presentation, evaluation, and creation of art education projects, especially performative guides. The aim was to inspire a critical reflection on the unique collection of more than 5,000 Brazilian popular cultural works. Art education (Licence) Museu de Arte Popular da Casa do Pontal, Brazil

Evaluation committee

Activity description
Institution / Organization Funding entity
2018/05/17 - 2018/10/18 Curator and evaluate seventy dramaturgical texts in the eliminatory stage of the VIII Young Playwriters Contest, promoted by Sesc (Brazilian Trade Social Service). Preparation of a presentation text inserted in the annual publication of the same contest.
Serviço Social do Comércio, Brazil Serviço Social do Comércio


2016 Best soundtrack and best supporting actor and six more nominations
Centro Brasileiro de Teatro para a Infância e Juventude, Brazil
2005 Best Short Film of the Miami Festival
Miami Brazilian Film Festival, United States
1996 "Target Prize" Award in Marketing
Escola Técnica de Comunicação , Brazil

Other distinction

2015 Runner-up of the XI Improvisation Championship from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Companhia de Teatro Contemporâneo, Brazil