Rui F. M. Lobo is a professor of physics and physics engineering at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA University of Lisbon. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the NOVA University of Lisbon and obtained the Habilitation in Nano-Engineering at this University. He also holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon. He was among the pioneers working with single molecule experiments and the real physical interpretation of a chemical reaction. Presently he is leading research in experimental nanophysics and nanotechnology for clean energy, hydrogen technology and decarbonization. He is also a senior member of the Centre of Technology Systems -Uninova. He has authored more than one hundred scientific refereed publications in journals, books, book chapters, conference proceedings and also acted as a referee for some international jourals. He has been a senior member of some relevant national entities (Engineers Portuguese Order, Geographical Society of Lisbon, Portuguese Association for Hydrogen) and belonged to International Scientific Committees in molecular beams and nanometer-scale technology. He had been Fellow Researcher at Max-Planck Institute, Hahn-Meitner Institute, Rice University, Osaka University, Ohio University, Sao Paolo University, Complutense Madrid University, among others. He has carried out scientific and pedagogical works in the fields of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Nanophysics, Nanotechnology and Energy (Thermodynamics, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Hydrogen Technologies), and introduced the teaching of Nano-Engineering at a Portuguese University (UNL), at both theoretical and experimental levels, through the implementation of STM-AFM-SNOM techniques. In a brief chronological sequence, he was at the forefront in the fields of formation of polyatomic negative ions in collisions, molecular beam experiments, electron-transfer, and more recently in dealing with nano-carbons (fullerenes, graphene, and carbon nanotubes), hydrogen production and storage. Though with a dominant profile of experimentalist, he also has some publications in theoretical physics subjects (fractals, econophysics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics). From the vast experience accumulated through his career, he is given the ability to rethink what the contemporary physics and engineering communities have been achieving, so that he is presently committed in contributing to solve concrete pressing problems, in particular the energy sustainability in Europe.

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Rui Filipe dos Reis Marmont Lobo

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  • Lobo, Rui
  • R F M Lobo
  • Rui Marmont Lobo
  • Rui F. M. Lobo

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  • rfl@fct.unl.pt (Professional)


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  • 934463400 (Personal)


  • Departamento de Física, FCT - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2829-516, Monte de Caparica, Almada, Portugal (Professional)
  • NOVA SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, 2829-516, Monte Caparica, Almada, Portugal (Professional)


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  • Engineering and Technology
  • Engineering and Technology - Nano-technology
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Exact Sciences - Physical Sciences
  • Exact Sciences - Physical Sciences - Molecular Physics
  • Engineering and Technology - Chemical Engineering
  • Exact Sciences - Physical Sciences - Chemical Physics
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English Advanced (C1) Proficiency (C2) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1)
French Elementary (A2) Upper intermediate (B2) Beginner (A1) Intermediate (B1) Beginner (A1)
Spanish; Castilian Beginner (A1) Intermediate (B1) Beginner (A1) Upper intermediate (B2) Elementary (A2)
Portuguese (Mother tongue)
Degree Classification
2008 - 2008
Ciências da Engenharia - Engenharia Física (Título de Agregado)
Major in Nano-engenharia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Física, Portugal
Louvor e Distinção
Física (Doutoramento)
Major in Especialidade: Física Atómica e Molecular
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Portugal
"Dissociação Directa e Estatística de Iões Negativos por Colisão Átomo-molécula" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
Física (Mestrado)
Major in Física Atómica e Molecular
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Física, Portugal
Ciências de Engenharia - Engenharia Química (Licenciatura)
Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

Teaching in Higher Education

Host institution
1982 - Current Associate Professor (University Teacher) Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal


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Journal article
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Other output
  1. The possibility to predict crack patterns on dynamic fracture. 2016. RF Lobo; Lucas Alves. https://novaresearch.unl.pt/en/publications/29ab6dcc-32d2-4310-bc2c-fd4cb362f503.

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2009 Lisbon Statement for Hydrogen and Clean Energies
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia - Campus do Lumiar, Portugal