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Huiyi Huang

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  • Huang, Huiyi

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2022/06/22 - 2022/07/22
Childbirth Educator (Licence)
Major in Childbirth Educator
Chinese Medical Education Association , China
2020/09/01 - 2021/10/04
Development Study (Master)
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China


Host institution
2021/02/01 - Current International Research network Sci-Tech Asia , Portugal
2015/10/01 - 2017/10/01 Non-Government Organization IFChina Original Studio, China
2012/04/16 - 2015/05/23 Non-profit Organization IFChina Original Studio, China

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2015/11/17 - 2016/12/30 Funded by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Independently interviewed 29 Chinese rural midwives in Jiangxi, Hunan province. This project ended up with ten months fieldwork, 29 video and image archives, 35 hours of interview footage and above 300,000 words of transcription. (2015/10/01 - 2016/12/30)
Other (Other)
2016/08/03 - 2016/08/11 Hold the conference concerning practicing and propagating YICANG (¿¿). This conference gathered popular Non-Profit and Non-Government organizations like the ONE Foundation. (2016/08/03 - 2016/08/10)
Conference (Member of the Organising Committee)
2014/07/01 - 2014/08/01 Facilitated the organization of holding “Summer Campus of Life Protection”. The mission of the summer campus was about to recognize the value of life through creative forms of theatre, photography. I joined the photographic group and completed a photo exhibition concerning female peasants mentored by an American photographer Clary Estes. (2014/07/01 - 2014/08/30)
Other (Member of the Organising Committee)

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2017/09/18 - 2017/09/22 Selected and fully funded by the US government to attend this one-week documentary workshop. Mentored and taught by American-winning documentarian Tim Skousen who mentor me on the completion of a 5-minute documentary video about Chinese rural midwives titled Chinese Rural Midwife, which was premiered at the US consular officer’s house.
American Film Showcase Workshop
US Embassy in China , China
2016/09/28 - 2016/09/30 Selected and fully funded by Dunhe Foundation to attend this three-day workshop. Collaborated scholar of International relations from the University of Toronto, one expert in Chinese medicine, and one government officer to investigated the educational system involved interviewing educators and principle in XiNan village, Guangdong. Produced a report on the situation, problems, and solutions regarding the educational system in the village. Then presented it in front of a group of committees who are experts in the industry of public welfare.
Traditional Public Welfare Workshop