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Zaila Maria Oliveira

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  • Oliveira, Zaila

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  • 913897281 (Personal)
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Gestão (Doutoramento)
Major in Especialidade: Marketing e Estratégia
Universidade do Porto Faculdade de Economia, Portugal
"Aferição de Métodos de Medição da Imagem de Destino Turístico." (THESIS/DISSERTATION)

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2023/09/18 - Current Invited Assistant Professor (University Teacher) Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal
2022/09/01 - Current Assistant Professor (University Teacher) Universidade da Maia, Portugal
2022/02/22 - 2023/08/31 Invited Assistant Professor (University Teacher) Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal


Book chapter
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Conference paper
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    In press
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