Olga Souza Cruz holds a PhD in Psychology (specialization domain of Forensic Psychology) and, since 2011, she is an Assistant Teacher at University Institute of Maia (ISMAI, Portugal). She is Director (since 2020) and researcher (since 2012) of the Research Unit in Criminology and Behavioral Sciences (UICCC.ISMAI) and, since 2016, she is also Member of the Pedagogical Council of ISMAI. She is also an integrated researcher in the Research Centre for Justice and Governance of the University of Minho (JusGov/UM, Portugal), since 2013. One of her main research interests regards the different types of drug (ab)use (namely, non-problematic illicit drug uses and problematic ones, the drug-crime association), trying to understand the phenomena and to identify good practices to cope with it.

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Olga Furriel de Souza Cruz

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  • Cruz, O.

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  • Universidade da Maia (UMaia/ISMAI) - Av. Carlos Oliveira Campos - Castelo da Maia, 4475-690, Maia, Maia, Portugal (Professional)

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  • Social Sciences - Psychology
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