H. Ju now is the Junior Researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Coimbra, Portugal, he is also the Marie-Curie-Research-Fellow from MSCA COFUND SCHEME project of Mobility GT. He is a young researcher, but already exhibited a vast experience on the surface engineering field (the world top fifth author in the topic of Mechanical Properties, Hard Coatings, Physical Vapor Deposition based on the result from ScienceDirect). He has been concerned with the design and development of self-lubrication nitride films since 2009, the scope of his Undergraduate Thesis (JUN 2010, excellent Undergraduate Thesis of Jiangsu Province), Master Dissertation (JUN 2013, excellent Master Degree Dissertation of Jiangsu Province) and Doctoral Dissertation (JUN 2016, excellent Master Degree Dissertation of Jiangsu Province). He undertakes/accomplished 11 competitive projects as PI, published more than 90 papers in peer-review journals (JCR Q1>25 Papers, h index 20), 11 patents, 3 books, one chapter for 1 book, supervise(d) master, PhD and post-doctoral students (>25), won several national awards for his scientific and industrial achievements. He is also the Council Member of the Chinese Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, the Secretary General of Surface Technology Engineering Research Center of Marine Equipment in Jiangsu Province, the (guest) editor of the Journal of International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials, Rare Metals, Coatings, etc., and also was invited to comment the submitted papers as reviewers for more than 15 Journals such as Scientific Report, Surface and Coatings Technology, Materials and Design. His research interest includes: thin solid coatings (PVD), super-hard nitride coatings, oxidation resistance, self-lubrication and wear resistance coatings suitable for high temperature applications. His mainly activity is focused on the application and/or development of coatings that can increase life time and performance of components that during service are submitted to extreme harsh mechanical, wear, oxidation, thermal, and tribological conditions of use. His expertise included the deposition of the coating, its structural, mechanical, oxidation, thermal and tribological characterization. He successfully deposited nitride-based coatings containing noble metal with excellent wide-temperature self-lubricating properties, and above coatings microstructure, mechanical and tribological performances have been studied in details over the last five years. In the last 5 years, he took main specialized courses of ¿Foundations of Material Science¿ for undergraduate students, ¿Modern Methods of Analysis of Materials¿ for undergraduate/master students, and ¿TEM System and its Principle¿ for PhD students, he also took experimental courses of ¿Design and its PVD Deposition of Coatings¿ for undergraduate and master students, ¿Preparation of TEM Samples and its Investigations¿ for master and PhD students. The evaluation on his teaching from the students was Excellent in recent 5 years in JUST. He accomplished 2 competitive educational reform projects as PI, published 3 educational reform papers in the peer-review journals.

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Ju Hongbo

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  • Hongbo, Ju
  • Ju Hongbo

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  • Rua Luís Reis Santos, 3030-788, University of Coimbra, CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechan, Coimbra, Portugal (Professional)


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  • Engineering and Technology - Materials Engineering - Ceramics
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