Svilen Simeonov. Completed the Doutoramento in Química Farmacêutica e Terapêutica in 2014/10/24 by Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Farmácia and Mestrado in Organic Chemistry in 2004/03/03 by Sofiski Universitet Sv Kliment Ohridski. Is Researcher in Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Farmácia and simultaneously hold a position of assoc. prof. at the Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Published 32 articles in journals, above 1500 citations, h-index =14. Has 1 book(s). Organized 1 event(s). Co-supervised 1 MSc dissertation(s). Has received 1 award and/or honors. Participates and/or participated as Principal investigator in 1 project(s).

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Svilen Simeonov

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  • Simeonov, Svilen

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Degree Classification
2010/08/01 - 2014/10/24
Química Farmacêutica e Terapêutica (Doutoramento)
Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Farmácia, Portugal
" “New synthetic methodologies from biorenewable resources” " (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
distinction and honours
2003/01/01 - 2004/03/03
Organic Chemistry (Mestrado)
Sofiski universitet Sv Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria
" “Synthesis, electron structure and spectra of 2-aryl-4-(3H)-quinazolinones”" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)


Host institution
2019/06/14 - Current Researcher (Research) Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Farmácia, Portugal
2015 - Current Researcher (Research) Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciencies, Bulgaria
2006 - 2010 Research Assistant (Research) Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciencies, Bulgaria


Designation Funders
2018/12 - Current New approaches for lignocellulosic biomass utilization towards chemical products and materials for smart and green development
Principal investigator
Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciencies, Bulgaria
Fond Naucni izsledvania
2019/04 - 2020/04 Innovative approaches for sustainable utilization of biomass wastes towards biorenewable building blocks for organic synthesis: research driven strengthening the cooperation of Balkan countries
Principal investigator
Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciencies, Bulgaria
UNESCO World Heritage Centre


Designation Funders
2015/09/30 - 2016/09/30 Novel biorefinery concept for the conversion of carbohydrates into valuable building blocks
Principal investigator
Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciencies, Bulgaria
Institut po Organitsna himia s tsentar po fitohimija Balgarska akademija na naukite


Designation Funders
2021/01 - Current Straightening training, research and innovation capacities in the valorization of bio-renewable resource
Universidade do Algarve Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia


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Oral presentation

Presentation title Event name
Host (Event location)
2015/08/10 Scalable Synthetic Methodologies for the Conversion of Carbohydrates to 5(Hydroxymethyl)furfural (HMF) IUPAC World Chemistry Congress
(Busan, South Korea)


Thesis Title
Degree Subject (Type)
Institution / Organization
2014 - 2014 Extracção Selectiva do Ácido Labdanólico de Extracto Natural Utilizando Polímeros Molecularmente Impressos
Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Farmácia, Portugal

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Institution / Organization
2013/09/04 - 2013/09/06 10º ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE QUÍMICA ORGÂNICA, 10ENQO (2013/09/04 - 2013/09/06)
Conference (Member of the Organising Committee)
Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Farmácia, Portugal


2015 Green Chemistry for Life award for young scientists