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Christopher Millett

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  • Millett, Christopher

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2005/10/04 - 2008/10/04
PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
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Imperial College London, United Kingdom

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2021/09/13 - Current Invited Full Professor (University Teacher) Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
2015/10/04 - Current Full Professor (University Teacher) Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Designation Funders
2022/10 - 2026/09 Health Financing Fragmentation and Universal Health Coverage in Brazil Colombia Mexico and India National Institute for Health and Care Research
2021/03 - 2025/02 Ultra-processed food consumption and cancer incidence and mortality: estimating current and future projected burdens in Europe considering different scenarios
World Cancer Research Fund
2022/05 - 2024/05 Urban violence and pacification in Rio's favelas: innovative approaches to measurement and quantifying health system impacts UKRI Medical Research Council
2020/02 - 2023/02 Addressing the double burden of malnutrition in Peru: using a community-based system dynamics approach to improve food systems Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
2018/03 - 2022/03 Evaluating the impact of the Mais Médicos (More Doctors) programme in Brazil UKRI Medical Research Council
2017/04 - 2022/03 NIHR SPHR Imperial National Institute for Health and Care Research
2020/03 - 2021/05 Addressing Health System Fragmentation to Advance Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for Low Income Populations in Latin America National Institute for Health and Care Research
2017/03 - 2021/03 Impact of Rapid Expansion of the Estrategia de Saude da Familia in Rio de Janeiro: Mixed Methods Evaluation UKRI Medical Research Council
2019/02 - 2021/01 Identifying a package of cost-effective interventions to address non-communicable diseases in Gaza UKRI Medical Research Council
2016/09 - 2020/04 Towards understanding the impact of armed conflict on morbidity and mortality globally UKRI Medical Research Council
2014/01 - 2017/09 Health and economic benefits of providing free bus travel to older people in England National Institute for Health and Care Research


Journal article
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