Ana Margarida Ferreira is an Assistant Professor with Habilitation in Design at Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI) and, since Feb 2023, a senior researcher at LabCom/FAL/UBI. She has Habilitation in Design (IADE-EU, 2020), a Postdoc in Design and Innovation for Social Change (2019, CUT), and a PhD. Industrial Design/Prod. Eng. (2008, UBI), a Post-Graduation in Product Design (1996, Glasgow School of Art /CPD) and a BA in Industrial Design (1995, IADE). She collaborates with the Lisbon School of Economics & Management, from Universidade de Lisboa, with UNIDCOM/IADE R&D unit (collaborator), the Brazilian LOGO/UFSC, ECOAR/UFRN Research Labs, and Cypriot Art + Design: e-learning Lab-Design for Social Change, Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). Since 2018, she has been a Hub Nicosia/Synthesis ¿ Center for Research and Education Associate. She lectures(ed) Research Methodology, Applied Research, Industrial Design, Creativity& Innovation, Social Innovation and Sustainability courses. She successfully supervised 8 PhD Theses in Design and 26 master's research works, collaborating with companies, industry and other Portuguese and foreign Higher Education Institutions. From 2013 to Feb 2023, Ana Margarida coordinated the ID:Co.Lab - Collaborative Research Lab in Design and Sustainable Innovations, and several R&D+i projects such as the (2015-16) "L3 ¿ Lisbon community-based Learning Laboratory", IADE, FSCH e IST consortium; (2019-21) "SHELTER ¿ Structural Hyper-resistant Element for Life-Threatening Earthquake Risk", with Teixeira Duarte, IST and LNEC; and (2019-21) "CREATION - Cultural and Arts Entrepreneurship in Adult Education", funded by National Agency ERASMUS+ (2019-1-PT01-KA204-061315) (http://creationproject.eu). Currently, she co-edits DISCERN - International Design Journal for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship (www.designforsocialchange.org/journal/index.php/DISCERN-J/index), is the founder & President of Creative Nature Hub, an NGO (www.creative-nature-hub.pt), supervises doctoral and master's students and participates in inter and transdisciplinary projects linking areas like Art, Design& Crafts, Engineering, Technology, Health or Tourism. She regularly publishes in these areas. At IADE - Creative University and Universidade Europeia (1999-2022), she was President of the Scientific Board (2015-16) and a member of the Scientific Board and Pedagogical Board (1999-17; 2021-22). She also coordinated the BA Course in Design (2009/12-2014/17), was Executive Director of UNIDCOM (R&D unit) (2008-09) and Vice-President of the Direction Board of IADE's Design School (2010-12). In 2015, Ana Margarida was awarded the IADE-U Research and Teaching Award and, in 2017, the Coordination of the "L3 - Lisbon Common Learning Laboratory" Project (https://www.unidcom-iade.pt/research/) was honoured with the Laureate International Universities "Here for Good" Honorary Prize, representing Portugal, and with the dissemination of the same project in Laureate's Annual Global Impact Report. Her main Research Interests are Design, Design Education and Design Research, Creativity & Innovation, Social Innovation and Sustainable Development; Cultural and Creative Industries; Socio-economic, Technological and Cultural Dynamics; Sustainable Social Change.

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Ana Margarida Ribeiro Dias Fernandes Gomes Ferreira

Citation names

  • Ferreira, A. M.

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  • margarida.gomes.ferreira@ubi.pt (Professional)


  • Rua Marquês D'Ávila e Bolama, 6201-001, Covilhã, Covilhã, Portugal (Professional)
  • Rua de Monte d'Além s/n, 6160-262, Mosteiro, Oleiros, Portugal (Personal)


  • www.ubi.pt/ (Professional)
  • linkedin.com/in/ana-margarida-ferreira-54328934 (Personal)
  • https://www.creative-nature-hub.pt/ (Personal)

Knowledge fields

  • Humanities - Arts - Architectural design
Degree Classification
2020/09/10 - 2020/09/11
Design (Título de Agregado)
IADE - Universidade Europeia, Portugal
"“Design e Inovação Sustentável – o modelo de ensino/ aprendizagem ReACt”" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
Aprovado por unanimidade (avaliação máxima)
2018/08 - 2019/11
Creative Technologies, Design Innovation and Sustainable Social Change: State of Art, Challenges and Opportunities (Pós-doutoramento)
Major in Design e Inovação para a Mudança Social
Universidade Tecnológica do Chipre, Cyprus
Aprovada (avaliação máxima)
Engenharia da Produção/Design Industrial (Doutoramento)
Major in Design Industrial
Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal
"Caracterização e Quantificação da Inovação no Processo Evolucionista do Design – Análise de um Século da Prática Médico-cirúrgica em Portugal" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
1995 - 1996
A Linnen Troley Project (Pós-Graduação)
Major in Design de Produto
The Glasgow School of Art, United Kingdom

Centro Português de Design, Portugal
1991 - 1995
Design (Licenciatura)
Major in Design Industrial
Escola Superior de Design, Portugal
15,35 Val
1988 - 1991
Arquitectura (Licenciatura)
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal
1986 - 1988
Design (Curso de Especialização Tecnológica)
Major in Equipamento de Interiores
Escola Secundária de António Arroio, , Portugal
16 Val

Teaching in Higher Education

Host institution
2022/09/01 - Current Assistant Professor (University Teacher) Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal
Universidade da Beira Interior Faculdade de Artes e Letras, Portugal
2020/05/01 - 2022/08/31 Associate Professor (University Teacher) Universidade Europeia, Portugal
IADE - Universidade Europeia, Portugal


Designation Funders
2019 - 2021 CREATION - Cultural and Arts Entrepreneurship in Adult Education
Principal investigator
Instituto de Arte Design e Empresa Universitário Unidade de Investigação em Design e Comunicação, Portugal
Agência Nacional ERASMUS+ , Comissão Europeia


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Other output
  1. HOW TO LIVE THE DATA WE POSSESS: VISUALIZING AND TEACHING DESIGN FOR THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY. 2021. Lucinda Morrissey; Roberta Barban Franceschi; Ana Margarida Ferreira. https://doi.org/10.21125%2Finted.2021.0536.
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