Nadine Lobner, Master in Anthropology at the University of Lisbon, 'Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas' (ISCSP) with a research focus on global interconnections through bottom-up perspectives. She holds a Bachelor degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Vienna with a focus on bilateral relations and epistempic violence. She has undertaken an internship at ISCSP on research and administration, through which she has learned and fulfilled all relevant tasks of paper publications in scopus journals. Throughout this internship she has published one article in a scopus journal, followed by another one in course of her research grant in the EU H2020 project 'Competing Regional Integration in Southeast Asia' (CRISEA). She has published several articles, co-edited a book on transformational movements, and co-authored a book on debating ASEAN through sociocultural perspectives. In course of her research path she has participated in international research workshops in Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Vietnam, Nepal and Timor-Leste; within the framework of different international conferences (ItaSEAS, EuroSEAS, APA, Encontro Ciencia, Timor-Leste Stuies Association, EU-ASEAN strategic partnership, a.o.) where she continously has presented her research and widened her methodological approaches. In her PhD project she focuses on the building of international regions/Ecumenes from sociocultural perspectives, with the EU and ASEAN as main case studies.

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Nadine Lobner

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  • Lobner, Nadine

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  • Social Sciences


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German (Mother tongue)
English Upper intermediate (B2) Advanced (C1) Upper intermediate (B2) Advanced (C1)
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2018/10 - 2020/03/05
Antropologia (Mestrado)
Major in Sem especialização
Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, Portugal
"The Relevance of the Ecumene in beyond border narratives: A Timor-Leste case study from the anthropological library and the field" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
18 valores
2013/10/01 - 2017/04/30
Social and Cultural Anthropology (Bachelor)
Universität Wien Institut für Kultur und Sozialanthropologie, Austria
17 Valores

Other Careers

Host institution
2016/06 - 2018/01 Assistente Operacional (Assistente Operacional) Dachverband Wiener Kindergruppen, Austria
Kindergruppe LiebeGrossKlein, Austria
2016/03 - 2016/09 Assistente Operacional (Assistente Operacional) Österreichische Kinderfreunde, Austria
After School Care Centre Kinderfreunde, Austria
2014/08 - 2014/11 Assistente Operacional (Assistente Operacional) Caritas Österreich, Austria
Service and aid organization for people with disabilities , Austria


Host institution
2018/07/01 - 2020/07/31 Research fellow EU H2020 Project Competing Regional Integration in Southeast Asia Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, Portugal
2018/03/01 - 2018/06/30 Intership in Research and Administration Universidade de Lisboa Centro de Administração e Políticas Públicas, Portugal
2016/09 - 2016/11 Volunteering: Cultural Mediating at Refugee Camp Caritas Österreich, Austria
2012/08/01 - 2013/05/01 Volunteering: Cultural Mediating, Public Health Care and Migration Hundreds of Original Projects for Employment, HOPE'87, Senegal


Designation Funders
2018/07/01 - 2021/02/28 Competing Regional Integrations in Southeast Asia
Research Fellow
Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, Portugal
European Commission


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    In press
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    In press • Editor
Book chapter
  1. Lobner, Nadine; Seixas, Paulo Castro. "Identidades locais na escala global: Relações internacionais como linhagens transfronteiriças.". In Abordagens Antropologicas sobre narrativas de origem em Timor-Leste., edited by Apoema, Keu; Sousa, Lucio; Paulino, Vicente. Portugal: Casa Apoema & Unidade de Produção e Disseminação do Conhecimento, 2020.
    In press • 10.14195/978-989-26-1280-5_5
  2. Lobner, Nadine. "Two ways of getting out of the 21st century". In Transformational Wave, edited by Lobner, Nadine; Seixas, Paulo Castro, 142-172. Cambridge Scholars, 2020.
    In press • 10.18574/nyu/9780814785881.003.0006
  3. Dias, Ricardo Cunha; Seixas, Paulo Castro; Lobner, Nadine. "Development and Sustainability: Modern and Contemporary Discourses". In Handbook of Research on Modern Economic Anthropology. 2020.
    In press
Conference paper
  1. Lobner, Nadine; Seixas, Paulo Castro. "Ecumenes in the Making? Exploring new imagined transnational communities". Paper presented in International Conference Proceedings, Enhancing ASEAN-EU strategic partnership in the context of the indo-pacific region, Danang, 2022.
Journal article
  1. Seixas, Paulo Castro; Lobner, Nadine. "Towards an Ecumenical or Catastrophic City? A Design, Ecumene and Humanitarian Discussion". Glocalism, Journal of Culture, Politics and Innovation 2 (2022):
    In press
  2. Dias, Ricardo C.; Seixas, Paulo C.; Lobner, Nadine. "State transformations through public, multilevel, and territorial governance in European Union: Towards a metagovernance paradigm". European Policy Analysis 8 4 (2022): 467-483. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/epa2.1163.
  3. Lobner, Nadine; Seixas, Paulo Castro. "Local Perspectives and International Regions in the Making: Timor-Leste as a Case Study". Sojourn - Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia 36 3 (2021): 477-502.
  4. Lobner, Nadine; Seixas, Paulo Castro; Dias, Ricardo Cunha; Vidal, Diogo Guedes. "Urban Compactivity Models: Screening City Trends for the Urgency of Social and Environmental Sustainability". Urban Science 5 4 (2021): 83. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/urbansci5040083.
  5. Seixas, Paulo Castro; Dias, Ricardo Cunha; Luis Manuel Baptista. "Transit Corridor Livability as a means to a City of Proximity. Proof of concept and place-based conditions for a participatory project in Cascais". Ubanist Informazioni (2021): 46-52.
    Open access • Published
  6. Dias, Ricardo Cunha; Seixas, Paulo Castro; Lobner, Nadine. "Sustainable Development and Ecological Modernization: Boundary Discourses between “Strong” and “Weak” Approaches". Journal of Sustainable Development 13 4 (2020): 268. http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/jsd.v13n4p268.
  7. Dias, Ricardo Cunha; Seixas, Paulo Castro; Lobner, Nadine. "Desenvolvimento, Ciência e Sustentabilidade: Discursos de Mudança e Mudanças de Discurso". Revista Cientifica Monfragüe Resiliente XIII (2020): 169-201.
  8. Lobner, Nadine; Seixas, Paulo Castro. "Local Identities on a Global Scale: International regions under construction. Timor-Leste as a case study". Sojourn Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia (2020):
    Under revision
  9. Seixas, Paulo Castro; Mendes, Nuno Canas; Lobner, Nadine. "The “Readiness” of Timor-Leste: Narratives about the Admission Procedure to ASEAN". Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 38 2 (2019): 149-171. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/1868103419867511.
  10. Seixas, Paulo Castro; Lobner, Nadine. "Transformational Communities: A Programmatic Ambivalence as a Learning Path for the Cognitive Planet". Journal of Sustainable Development 11 6 (2018): 152. http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/jsd.v11n6p152.


Other output
  1. Empirical research project leading to Bilateral Communities in Austria – Partners Of All Nations (2017). An empirical social research on the structures of a platform for intercultural dialogue in a cultural and social anthropological context, with the focus on a comparative study of bilateral partnership societies in Austria.. 2017. Lobner, Nadine.
  2. Gender Ideals and Practices in the Community of the Center for Krishna Consciousness in Vienna. Undergraduate research project for training qualitative methods in the field. Course project: Gender Ideals and Practices in the Community of the Center for Krishna Consciousness in Vienna (2016), under the supervision of Tapio Nisula. 2016. Lobner, Nadine; Mayer, Marina; Hartl, Corinna.
  3. Theoretical Discourses on Epistemological Violence in Latin America. Undergraduate research project leading to the quest of postcolonial structures, focusing on translation as violence - coordinated with the translation of Portuguese and Spanish articles into English and German.. 2016. Lobner, Nadine.

Oral presentation

Presentation title Event name
Host (Event location)
2023/07/16 Book Launch, The Paradox of ASEAN centrality: Timor-Leste Betwixt and Between. New Research on Timor-Leste: 2023 TLSA research
Timor-Leste Study Association (Dili, Timor-Leste)
2023/07/12 Sandalwood as a roadmap for Timor-Leste’s economic, ecological and sociocultural sustainability. A leitmotif for the world at large. New Research on Timor-Leste: 2023 TLSA research
Timor-Leste Study Association (Dili, Timor-Leste)
2023/06/14 International Relations and Ecumene in Southeast Asia. International Seminar on Europe and Southeast Asia
ISCSP & IKMAS (Lisbon, Portugal)
2023/02/28 Timor-Leste and ASEAN, from candidate to member state? Timor-Leste and ASEAN roundtable
Faculty of Law of Thammasat University (Bangkok, Thailand)
2022/10/17 ECUMENES IN THE MAKING? EXPLORING NEW IMAGINED TRANSNATIONAL COMMUNITIES. "Enhancing the ASEAN- EU strategic Partnership in the New context in the Indo- Pacific region
DUY TAN University (Danang, Vietnam)
2022/06/28 Panel Organizer: EU and ASEAN: World Regions as Ecumenes in the Making? EuroSEAS
École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and Campus Condorcet (Paris, France)
2022/03/11 Ecumens in the making? Exploring new Imagined Transnational Communities anthropology Colloquium Series 15
Tribhuvan University, (Kathmandu, Nepal)
2021/09/16 Beyond Borders Thinking: Promoting Ecumenes 28th APDR Congress
APDRR (Portugal)
2021/06/22 The Anthropology of the Future ICS Open Day
Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal)
2020/09/07 Timor-Leste and ASEAN: inside, outside or in the middle of the game? International Conferrrence TSLA-PT
TLSA (Portugal)
2019/09/12 The Readiness of Timor-Leste: Narratives about the admission procedure to ASEAN EuroSEAS
The European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (Berlin, Germany)
2019/07/03 Transformational Communities, a Programmatic Ambivalence as a Learning Path for a Cognitive Planet . Encontro com a Ciencia e Tecnologia em Portugal.
(Lisb, Portugal)
2019/06/04 Local Identities on a global scale in Timor-Leste: Do House Societies see international relations of the State as transnational lineages? VII Congresso da Associação Portuguesa de Antropologia
Associação Portuguesa de Antropologia (Lisboa, Portugal)
2019/05/24 The Readiness of Timor-Leste: Narratives about the admission procedure to ASEAN ItaSEAS
University of Naples L'Orientale Procida (Procida, Italy)

Event participation

Activity description
Type of event
Event name
Institution / Organization
2019/05/25 - 2020/05/26 Research Workshop of CRISEA between European and Southeast Asian scholars at the University of Naples L’Orientale’s summer schools centre Procida. - Five working groups corresponding to the project’s five main ‘arenas’ of competition for integration – the Environment, the Economy, the State, Identity and the Region – with a presentation of preliminary fieldwork results. (crisea.eu)
Research Workshop Competing Regional Integration in Southeast Asia
Universita degli Studi di Napoli L'Orientale, Italy

Association member

Society Organization name Role
2021/01/01 - Current Associação Iberoamericana de Estudos do Sudeste Asiático Research Collaborator

Course / Discipline taught

Academic session Degree Subject (Type) Institution / Organization
2014/09 - 2015/02 Module for Journalism and Communication Sciences (Public relations and Multimedia) (Bachelor)

Scientific expedition

Activity description Institution / Organization
2023/07/17 - Current PhD research fieldwork in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the ASEAN headquarters; ethnographic data collection in material representations of ASEAN; in-depth interviews