João Albino Silva is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Algarve. He is Director of the PhD program in Tourism in the same institution, and researcher (coordinator of the Tourism, and Hospitality Competitiveness and Governance area) of Research Centre for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being (CinTurs), R&D Unit funded by FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal). At this institution he was Dean of the Faculty of Economics (1994-1999), President of Pedagogical Committee (1992-1994) and President of the Scientific Committee (1996-1997; 1999-2007;2008-2013; 2017-2021). Over more than thirty-five years of scientific activity, Tourism has been the main domain of academic study and activity. He has been conducting research in economic evaluation and modeling of tourism impacts, tourism insertion in the regional development, sustainability, competitiveness, and governance of tourism destinations. He is author or co-author of about 60 scientific papers, 20 book chapters, author and/or editor of 15 books. He is also associated editor and a reviewer of Portuguese and international journals. He was President of the Portuguese Observatory of Tourism(SET, 2001-2003), General Coordinator of the Research and Innovation Portuguese Agenda for Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality (FCT; Portugal, 2017-2019), scientific advisor for Direção Geral do Turismo, Portugal and for CCDR, Algarve, and he is President of External Commissions in Portugal to evaluate Tourism universities BAs., MScs. and PhD programs (A3ES). He represents the University of Algarve in the Tourism Intelligent Forum (t-Forum international association), and he is the scientific coordinator of the Observatory of Sustainable Tourism in Algarve Region. In 2020, he was awarded the Career Award from the Portuguese “Ordem dos Economistas" (Algarve Delegation).

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João Albino Matos da Silva

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  • Silva, João
  • Silva, J. A.
  • João Albino Silva

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