As I embark on my Ph.D. , I am looking to pursue my academic and industrial achievements in the technological development field of 3D tumor models, hoping to further explore the potential of these models as reliable predictors of patient-specific drug responses and high-throughput platforms for the discovery of novel therapeutic targets, in a translational/market-targeted environment. Recently, I completed my master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Aveiro and developed my thesis in an internship at Cellularis Biomodels, a deep-tech start-up focused on leveraging advanced bioengineering technologies. Here, I was actively involved in the development of in-air biofabricated tumor-immune models, serving as a high-throughput platform for screening pancreatic cancer immunotherapies. This experience has provided me with expertise in 3D culture-based tumor modeling and innovative bioengineering approaches to address complex diseases. In line with this, I am eager to take on the challenges that come with pursuing a PhD in such a dynamic and rapidly evolving field.

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Margarida Henriques Pereira

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  • Pereira, Margarida

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