Silja Frankenbach, holds a Bachelor and Diploma (pre-bologna Master) in Biology which she obtained in Germany at the Applied University Fresenius, Idstein and the University of Rostock, respectively. In January 2020 she accomplished her PhD in Biology at the University of Aveiro, Portugal in the field of Ecology, Biodiversity an Ecosystems Management. Currently, she is holding a research contract in the field of Evolution and Genomics at the same University. She embraces expertise in Marine Biology, Photophysiology, Ecology, Molecular Biology, Behavioral Sciences and Ecotoxicology. She is/was a member of the research team of eight national/international funded projects. In addition, she is experienced in tutoring and supervision of so far 17 undergraduate and Master students. To date she published 23 publications: seven 7 as first author (one recently accepted) and 15 research articles and one book chapter as coauthor. Her overall H-index of 9 is represented by a total of 193 citations. The 12 most recent articles were published within the past 5 years with an average Impact Factor of 3.5. She is an active reviewer for various journals and has been invited as a review editor for the journal “Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution- Coevolution” (Frontiers Media S.A.).

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Silja Frankenbach

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  • Frankenbach, Silja

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  • s.frankenbach@ua.pt (Profissional)


  • Departamento de Biologia Universidade de Aveiro . Campus de Santiago, 3810-193, Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal (Profissional)


  • http://www.cesam.ua.pt/index.php?tabela=pessoaldetail&menu=200&user=726 (Profissional)
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2020/08/01 - Atual Investigador (Investigação)
Universidade de Aveiro Departamento de Biologia, Portugal


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Capítulo de livro
  1. França, Alexandra; Vilares, Alexandra; Frankenbach, Silja; Vereb, Vanda; Moreira, António C.. "The Challenging Dynamics of Nascent Entrepreneurship". In Nascent Entrepreneurship and Successful New Venture Creation, 1-28. IGI Global, 2017.
    Publicado • 10.4018/978-1-5225-2936-1.ch001
Poster em conferência
  1. Moser, Thomas; Frankenbach, Silja. "Nematods in forest soils of the Southern Mata Atlantica: Methodological adaptation and first results". Trabalho apresentado em XV. Intl. Conf. Soil Zoology, 2008.