Dr. Manuel Garcia-Herreros (DVM, PhD) currently is a Senior Researcher focused on Livestock Production Systems in the National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research (INIAV, Portugal). His research interest over the last 20 years includes animal health and production with emphasis on animal science and production, animal reproduction, livestock farming and breeding, animal biotechnology, livestock health, bioinformatics, germplasm conservation, molecular biology in farm animals, and dairy science.

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Manuel García Herreros

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  1. Garcia-Herreros, M.. "TIMING EFFECTS OF CIDR REMOVAL IN eCG/PGF2a- SOV PROTOCOLS ON IN VIVO EMBRYO PRODUCTION IN BOS INDICUS CATTLE BREEDS". Trabalho apresentado em International Congress On Animal Reproduction (ICAR), 2022.
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  2. Garcia-Herreros, M.. "EMBRYO TRANSFER PROGRAM IN PARAGUAY BY USING OPU-DERIVED COCs EMBRYOS: EMBRYONIC AND FETAL MORTALITY RATES". Trabalho apresentado em International Congress On Animal Reproduction (ICAR), 2022.
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  3. Garcia-Herreros, M.. Autor correspondente: Garcia-Herreros, M.. "EFFECTS OF PURIFIED eCG CONCENTRATION IN eCG/PGF2a-BASED SOV PROTOCOLS ON OVARIAN STRUCTURES AND IN VIVO EMBRYO PRODUCTION IN NELORE CATTLE". Trabalho apresentado em International Congress On Animal Reproduction (ICAR), 2022.
  4. Garcia-Herreros, M.. Autor correspondente: Garcia-Herreros, M.. "EFFECTS OF PROLONGED bscrFSH APPLICATION IN SOV PROTOCOLS ON IN VIVO EMBRYO PRODUCTION IN BOS TAURUS HEIFERS UNDER TROPICAL CONDITIONS". Trabalho apresentado em 1st International Symposium of Animal Reproduction, 2022.
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  5. Garcia-Herreros, M.. Autor correspondente: Garcia-Herreros, M.. "EFFECT OF BLACK WATTLE (Acacia mearnsii) SUPPLEMENTATION ON OVARIAN ACTIVITY, UTERINE INVOLUTION, AND HORMONE PROFILES IN DAIRY COWS AT HIGH-ALTITUDE GRAZING CONDITIONS". Trabalho apresentado em 1st International Symposium of Animal Reproduction, 2022.
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  8. Garcia-Herreros, Manuel. "Evaluation of two approaches for in vivo oocyte collection and in vitro embryo production in Holstein cows and heifers.". Trabalho apresentado em ICAR 2021, 2021.
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  1. Garcia-Herreros, Manuel (B61E-39F5-8E42). "“Economía Circular como Tecnología Social: una Herramienta para Desarrollo Sostenible del Sector Agropecuario Lechero”". In “TECNOLOGÍAS SOCIALES EN LA PRODUCCIÓN PECUARIA”. 2020.
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