Luís Godinho Tanoeiro holds a B.Sc. in Cell and Molecular Biology (FCT-NOVA) and a M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics (FCUL), and have been developing work on Natural Sciences, mainly focused on Molecular Biology and Microbiology. He is currently a research intern at the Pathogen Genome Bioinformatics and Computational Biology group. He developed his master’s project at the same group studying Campylobacter prophages on two fronts: (i) developing phage lysins as effective therapeutics and (ii) understanding how prophages can contribute for introgression events between C. jejuni and C. coli species. His current interests include, among others, phage biology and genomics, phage contribution for host evolution and adaptation; and the exploitation of phage lysins as forefront weapons against resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Apart from the lab, Luís can be found teaching basketball to young people, dynamizing civil society projects or enjoying some time on a cinema or a museum.

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Luis Godinho Tanoeiro
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  • Tanoeiro, Luis

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  • l.tanoeiro@campus.fct.unl.pt (Profissional)
  • ltanoeiro@farm-id.pt (Profissional)


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  • Ciências Naturais - Ciências Biológicas - Biologia Molecular


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Português (Idioma materno)
Inglês Utilizador independente (B2) Utilizador independente (B2) Utilizador independente (B2) Utilizador independente (B2)
Espanhol; Castelhano Utilizador independente (B2) Utilizador independente (B2) Utilizador independente (B1) Utilizador independente (B2)
Grau Classificação
2018 - 2021
Biologia Molecular e Genética (Mestrado)
Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências, Portugal
"Campylobacter (pro)phages: prophage genomics and development of phage enzybiotics" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
2015 - 2018
Biologia Celular e Molecular (Licenciatura)
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Portugal
"Detection and identification of microorganisms in a marine polychaete with biotechnological interest" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
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Instituição de acolhimento
2021/11 - 2022/08 Estágio Profissional Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, Portugal
Associação da Faculdade de Farmácia para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento, Portugal


Artigo em revista
  1. Vital, Joana S.; Tanoeiro, Luís; Lopes-Oliveira, Ricardo; Vale, Filipa F.. "Biomarker Characterization and Prediction of Virulence and Antibiotic Resistance from Helicobacter pylori Next Generation Sequencing Data". Biomolecules 12 5 (2022): 691. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/biom12050691.
    Publicado • 10.3390/biom12050691
  2. Tanoeiro, Luís; Oleastro, Mónica; Nunes, Alexandra; Marques, Andreia T.; Duarte, Sílvia Vaz; Gomes, João Paulo; Matos, António Pedro Alves; Vítor, Jorge M. B.; Vale, Filipa F.. "Cryptic Prophages Contribution for Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli Introgression". Microorganisms 10 3 (2022): 516. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/microorganisms10030516.
    Acesso aberto • Publicado • 10.3390/microorganisms10030516
  3. Marques, Andreia T.; Tanoeiro, Luís; Duarte, Aida; Gonçalves, Luisa; Vítor, Jorge M. B.; Vale, Filipa F.. "Genomic Analysis of Prophages from Klebsiella pneumoniae Clinical Isolates". Microorganisms 9 11 (2021): 2252. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/microorganisms9112252.
    Acesso aberto • 10.3390/microorganisms9112252
  4. Rodrigo, A. P.; Martins, C.; Tanoeiro, L.; Casaca, M.; Lopes, A. R.; Parola, A. J.; Matos, A. P.; et al. "New lessons from ancient life: marine invertebrates as a source of new drugs". Annals of Medicine 51 sup1 (2019): 45-45. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07853890.2018.1561901.
Capítulo de livro
  1. Vale, Filipa F.; Tanoeiro, Luís; Marques, Andreia T.. "16S Genomics for Diagnosing Invasive Bacterial Infection". In Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences. Elsevier, 2021.