(EN) Pedro Domingues holds a Bachelor degree in Chemistry (1996), a MSc. in Textile Environmental Chemistry (2001) and a PhD. in Industrial Engineering and Systems (2013) all of them from University of Minho. His doctorate thesis addressed the topic of integrated management systems and the development of a maturity model. Currently he is a Principal Researcher at ALGORITMI Research Centre (University of Minho, Portugal) engaged in several projects addressing topics such as integrated management systems, digital transformation of management systems, Quality 4.0, and successful sustainable development of companies. Additionally, he lectures at University of Minho. The research work is being carried out at IEM research line (ALGORITMI research centre). He is co-author in circa 90 papers (journals, conference proceedings, book chapters) some of them recognized and awarded both in Portugal and abroad. His research interests encompass digital transition of management systems, Quality 4.0/5.0 and successful sustainable development of companies.

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José Pedro Teixeira Domingues

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  • Domingues, José

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