Rui Pinto is a Professor of Pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Health Technologies of the Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Lisbon. He is Pharmacist Specialist in clinical analysis (AC) and in human genetics (GH) by the Order of Pharmacists (OF). With the background in Pharmacology and Laboratory Medicine, he is interested in the research areas related to the identification and validation of biomarkers associated with the pathophysiology of diseases using animal models. His background in the area related to the drug-receptor interaction has allowed him to develop experimental work in the field of molecular pharmacology and inflammation. He leads a line of research that he began to develop in 2011 related to the pharmacological modulation of inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease – from animal model study to clinical trial. The research areas in which he is involved already allow the publication of more than 110 full papers in international peer-reviewed journals with a total number of citations (web of science): 1393 and acts as reviewer of international peer-reviewed journals in the area of Pharmacology and Laboratory Medicine. In the Health Regulatory area, he is a Pre-Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Expert Assessor for the Medicines Evaluation Committee at INFARMED (National Authority of Medicines and Health Products). He is also a Toxicological and Pharmaceutical Expert Assessor for DGAV (Directorate General for Food and Veterinary). He is Chairman of the Board of the College of Specialties in AC and GH of the OF (2016-2021); Member of the Board of the Order of Pharmacists and founding partner of the European Union of Pharmacists Specialists in AC and GH (EUPLMG).

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Rui Manuel Amaro Pinto

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  • Pinto, Rui

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  • rapinto@ff.ulisboa.pt (Profissional)
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Farmácia (Doutoramento)
Especialização em Especialidade: Farmacologia
Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
"Papel do Monóxido de Azoto no Aparelho Reprodutor Masculino: Estudos em Canal Deferente de Rato e em Espermatozóides Humanos" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
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2006/11/17 - Atual Professor Auxiliar (Docente Universitário) Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Farmácia, Portugal
2016/11/17 - 2018 Professor Auxiliar (Docente Universitário) Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
2013/11/17 - 2016 Professor Auxiliar (Docente Universitário) Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Farmácia, Portugal


Designação Financiadores
2015 - Atual IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Jefferson Central School


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