Joana da Palma Monbaron has an academic background in art history and Russian studies. She has worked as a subtitute teacher in high schools and as an educator and organiser in various contemporary art institutions in Russia and Europe. Looking critically at the structures of cultural institutions and the way they shape the production of legitimate knowledge, she has co-organised situated educational projects in (and from) the art world that aimed at reconsidering cultural and political categories. She is currently a PhD candidate of the programme "Human Rights in Contemporary Societies" at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra. Her research focuses on existing efforts to relocate European modern and contemporary art museums within their colonial and anti-communist genealogies, and to reframe their role through the practical consideration of their direct social use.

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  • Monbaron, Joana

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  • https://uc-pt.academia.edu/JoanaMonbaron (Académico)

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  • Humanidades - Artes - História da Arte
  • Ciências Sociais - Outras Ciências Sociais - Ciências Sociais Interdisciplinares


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2021 - 2026
Em curso
PhD in Human Rights in Contemporary Societies (Doutoramento)
Universidade de Coimbra Centro de Estudos Sociais, Portugal
"For the Love of Art? Contemporary European Museums Facing their Contradictions" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
2012 - 2013
Contemporary Art (Master)
The University of Manchester, Reino Unido

Sotheby's Institute of Art, Reino Unido
"On Feminine Post-Sovietness: Unveiling the Patriarchal Unconscious" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
2010 - 2012
Art History (Master)
Université de Genève, Suiça
"L'oeuvre d'art est art du mot. Sur la collaboration graphique d'Olga Rozanova et d'Alexeï Kroutchenykh " (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
2007 - 2010
Art History and Russian Studies (Bachelor)
Université de Genève, Suiça
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Instituição de acolhimento
2018/08 - 2021/03 Research and Education Coordinator Manifesta 13, the European Nomadic Biennial , França
Museums of the city of Marseille, França
2018/02 - 2018/10 Education Coordinator Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA), Letónia
2016/10 - 2018/02 General Coordinator Cyfest International Media Art Festival , Rússia
2017/01 - 2018/01 Co-organizer of the Dis-education Department Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Rússia
2017/04 - 2017/06 Education Consultant The Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Rússia
2015/11 - 2016/12 Projects Coordinator Art Prospect, International Public Art Festival, Rússia
2013/11 - 2014/12 Education Assistant Manifesta 10, the European Nomadic Biennial, Rússia
The State Hermitage Museum, Rússia
2009/09 - 2012/06 Substitute Teacher in Secondary Schools Republique et Canton de Genève, Suiça
Département de l'instruction publique, de la formation et de la jeunesse, Suiça


Artigo em revista
  1. Monbaron, Joana. "Spatial Divisions of Labor. The Case of Education in European Art Museums and Institutions". Da Investigação às Práticas: Estudos de Natureza Educacional 14 2 (2024): e-369. https://ojs.eselx.ipl.pt/index.php/invep/article/view/369.
  2. Girel, Sylvia; Monbaron, Joana. "Les Archives Invisibles : révéler les récits habitants au coeur d'une Biennale". L'Observatoire des politiques culturelles 56 2 (2020): 75-77.
  3. Ivanov, Alexander; Monbaron, Joana. "Creating Circumstances for an Institutional Pedagogy: Notes on Tracings Out of Thin Air". Research in Arts & Education 2 (2018): 57-73. https://researtsedu.com/2018-september-issue.
    Acesso aberto • Publicado
  4. Monbaron, Joana. "Private Yearnings for the Exotic. Tearing off the (Post-)Soviet Wallpaper". n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal 34 (2014): 42-49. https://www.ktpress.co.uk/nparadoxa-volume-details.asp?volumeid=34.
    Acesso aberto • Publicado
Edição de livro
  1. Belishkina, Alina; Klichuk, Yana; Monbaron, Joana. Obrazovatel'nyi razvorot. Kto eshche proizvodit znaniia v kul'ture? (Educational U-turn. Who Else is Producing Knowledges in Culture?) [in Russian]. Saint-Petersburg, Rússia: The National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA). 2021.
    Publicado • Editor
  2. Klichuk, Yana; Monbaron, Joana; Ziou-Ziou, Abdeslam. Al-Moutawassit: Cultural Mediation as a Meeting Point [in Arabic, French and English]. Berlin, Alemanha: Archive Books. 2021.
    Publicado • Editor
  3. Grzinic, Marina; Ivanov, Alexander; Monbaron, Joana; Stojnic, Aneta. Tracings Out of Thin Air. Establishing Oppositional Practices and Collaborative Communities in Art and Culture. Ljubljana, Eslovénia: International Foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures. 2018.
    Publicado • Editor
  1. Educational U-turn. Who Else is Producing Knowledges in Culture?. 2020. https://symposium.curatorialforum.art/en.
  2. Invisible Archives Marseille. 2019. https://archivesinvisiblesmarseille.org/en/.

Organização de evento

Nome do evento
Tipo de evento (Tipo de participação)
Instituição / Organização
2021/01 - 2022/02 Co-curator with the Russian collective League of Tenders of the "Unaimed Sessions" - a series of online discussions between Swiss and Russian artists, collectives, and art initiatives. Discussions participants: Sasha Huber x Katerina Verba; Young Girl Reading Group x Welcome to the Dollhouse!; Théogène-Octave Gakuba x Alexander Ivanov; Johanna Bruckner x Margarita Kuleva; Stefanie Knobel x Alisa Oleva. (2021/01 - 2022/02)
Outro (Coorganizador)
Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia Moscow, Rússia
2020/11/16 - 2020/11/25 Co-curator, with Yana Klichuk and Alina Belishkina, of the symposium of the 2nd Curatorial Forum in Saint-Petersburg, organised by the National Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA), entitled "Educational U-turn. Who else is producing knowledges in culture?". Invited participants: Felicity Allen, Nadezhda Chernyakevich, Dora García, Pablo Helguera, Alexander Ivanov, Bernadette Lynch, Suzana Milevska, Maria Mkrtycheva, Laurence Rassel, Carolina Rito, Maria Sarycheva, Nora Sternfeld, Françoise Vergès, and Dmitry Vilensky. (2020/11/16 - 2020/11/25)
Simpósio (Coorganizador)
The National Center for Contemporary Art in Saint Petersburg, Rússia
2015/02 - 2018/02 Co-curator with Alexander Ivanov of "Tracings Out of Thin Air", a long-term research and residency programme addressing the complex conditions of norm, ability and dependency in art. The project builds on the history of an art studio situated in a residential care institution (psycho-neurological center) in Petherof and derives from encounters on, to and from the artistic and institutional practices framed within it. (2015/02 - 2018/02)
Outro (Coorganizador)
2017/11/15 - 2017/11/15 Organizer of the discussion series "Cultural institutions and social engagement. Theory and Practice". Some of the invited speakers were: Maria Dreznina (Pushkin State Museum); Ilya Ermolaev (State Hermitage Museum); Olga Goncharova (State Russian Museum); Daria Malikova (Ural Biennale of Contemporary Art); Miriam Sneuloper (Amsterdam Museum); Bjorn Stenvers (ICOM); Daniel Finnholm (Gothenburg City Museum). (2017/11/15 - 2017/11/15)
Conferência (Coorganizador)
The Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum , Rússia
2017/06/16 - 2017/06/16 Co-organizer of a panel discussion in the framework of the conference: "Public History in Russia: Museums for the Past or the Past for Museums?". Invited speakers: Felicity Allen (Head of Education at Tate Britain (2003-2010), UK); Alexander Kondakov (European University at St. Petersburg); Ivan Grinko ("Museum Audit", Moscow); Anna Ilchenko (V-A-C Foundation, Moscow) and Yaroslav Alyoshin (Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow); Maria Sarycheva and Evgeny Lyapin (Queer Peace activist, Moscow) (2017/06/16 - 2017/06/16)
Conferência (Coorganizador)
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Rússia

Public History Laboratory, Rússia
2015/08/29 - 2015/08/30 Co-organizer, with Alexander Ivanov, of the two-days conference "Open Museum/Open Society". Some of the invited speakers were: Alexandra Catana (Geneva Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art); Franziska Mühlbacher (Zurich Design Museum); Ekaterina Vladimirtseva (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow); Alexey Boyko (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg); Margarita Kuleva (Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg); Anna Chrusciel (Institute for Art Education, Zurich University of the Arts); Janna Graham (Serpentine Gallery, London) (2015/08/29 - 2015/08/30)
Conferência (Coorganizador)
Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia Moscow, Rússia

Participação em evento

Descrição da atividade
Tipo de evento
Nome do evento
Instituição / Organização
2022/07/11 - 2022/07/12 Speaker with the paper "Problematising the subordination of cultural mediation: a gender perpective"
I Congresso Internacional em Mediação Artística e Cultural
Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa Escola Superior de Educação, Portugal
2022/06/27 - 2022/07/08 Participant of the CES Summer School "Epistemologias do Sul VI: Existir, Resistir e Lutar através das Artes"
CES Summer School "Epistemologias do Sul VI: Existir, Resistir e Lutar através das Artes"
Universidade de Coimbra Centro de Estudos Sociais, Portugal
2021/10/08 - 2021/10/08 Speaker with Yana Klichuk. Our paper: "Manifesta 13 Mediation Programme as a Case Study" was presented within the panel "Mediation and Conflict Zones in Institutions" [Médiation et zones de conflit dans les institutions].
International Conference: "Taking Part in Art and Culture" [Prendre part à l'art et à la culture]
Aix-Marseille Université, França
2021/10/07 - 2021/10/07 Speaker with the paper: "Taking care of the labour in art - Resituating cultural mediation" [Prendre soin du travail de l'art - Resituer la médiation culturelle]
Oficina (workshop)
"Taking care of the labour in art" [Prendre soin du travail de l'art]
Pôle arts visuels Pays de la Loire, França
2021/09/24 - 2021/09/24 Speaker with Yana Klichuk to present the paper: "Invisible Archives at Manifesta 13 as Action Research".
8th Garage International Conference: "Utopias of (Non)Knowledge: The Museum as a Research Hub"
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Rússia
2019/09/02 - 2019/09/06 Participant of the Summer School "Archives of the Present: Racism, Activism, and Remembrance" organised by Marta Araújo (Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra).
CES Summer School "Archives of the Present: Racism, Activism, and Remembrance"
Universidade de Coimbra Centro de Estudos Sociais, Portugal
2017/09/28 - 2017/09/29 Speaker with Alexander Ivanov with the paper: "Disability, Ableism, and the Art World: Reflections on the Project 'Tracings Out of Thin Air'"
1st International Conference on Disability, Arts and Education
Aalto University, Finlândia
2016/02/13 - 2016/02/13 Speaker with Alexander Ivanov of Barents Spektakel's Visual Art Seminar with the paper: "Can the Active Involvement of the Audience Make Art Institutions More Self-Reflexive?"
Cultural Pollution - Polluted Culture; the (In)Dependence of Visual Art on Consciousness and Responsibility
Barents Spektakel, Noruega
2015/07/06 - 2015/07/25 Participant of the fourth edition of the Moscow Curatorial Summer School developed by the V-A-C Foundation in collaboration with Paul O'Neill, Mick Wilson and Janna Graham. The three-week course was devoted to the "educational turn" in curating, prompted by consideration of the recurrent mobilisation of pedagogical models within various curatorial strategies and critical art projects.
The 4th Moscow Curatorial Summer School
V-A-C Foundation, Rússia

Expedição científica

Descrição da atividade Instituição / Organização
2024/01 - 2024/06 Research residency as part of "Tejidos conjuntivos", the Museo Reina Sofía Study Programme in Critical Museology, Artistic Research Practices and Cultural Studies Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Espanha
2023/01 - 2023/02 Short-term PhD research residency at the School of Museology of UNIRIO under the supervision of Prof. Elizabete de Castro Mendonça Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2016/12 - 2016/12 Research residency in the Netherlands with Alexander Ivanov. The working visits focused on museums as places of inclusion and accessibility. Dutch institutions participating in the visitors programme were: the Hermitage Amsterdam; Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam; the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Het Vijfde Seizoen, Amsterdam; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Tropenmuseum/Museum Dolhuys, Haarlem; Casco Art Institute, Utrecht; Galerie Atelier Herenplaats, Rotterdam; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam; Witte de With, Rotterdam. DutchCulture centre for international cooperation's visitors programme , Países Baixos
2011/09 - 2012/01 MA research semester in St. Petersburg, Russia Herzen State Pedagogical University , Rússia


2011 Aksenenko Academic Award
Université de Genève, Suiça