Sandra Aresta has a degree in Microbiology and Genetics from the University of Lisbon obtained in 1997 and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Paris XI University obtained in 2001. Furthermore, she obtained a diploma in Innovation and IP Management from the University of Strasbourg in 2011. --- She initiated her career in research in 1997, with a PhD at the Institut Curie, France, and continuing with several positions, both in academia (Imperial College, UK, and CRCM-Marseille, France) and industry (Hybrigenics, France). --- In 2007 she made a career move into knowledge transfer by taking a position of IP manager, followed by a position as team leader, at Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, where she was in charge of all aspects concerning IP protection and management, and the negotiation of licensing deals. --- Since February 2017 she's the Knowledge Transfer Officer at CIBIO-InBIO Associate Laboratory, and responsible for promoting and facilitating connections with business corporations and the public administration, as well as other sectors of the socio-economic world. During that time, she was in charge of the planning and execution of knowledge transfer and dissemination activities for ENVMETAGEN project (EC funded, capacity-building project in environmental metagenomics), and of the implementation of a knowledge transfer mind-set and strategy for the research center, including the conception of a Corporate Affiliates Program. She has also organized workshops and meetings with 60-200 participants including industry and public administration. She deals with protecting the IP of the institution and translating research outputs onto the socio-economic realm.

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Sandra Isabel da Cruz Aresta

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  • Aresta, Sandra

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2018/07/01 - 2021/06/30 O papel dos roedores em ecossistemas agrícolas: articulando a gestão de pragas e a conservação da biodiversidade sob as alterações ambientais
Universidade de Évora, Portugal

Universidade do Porto Instituto de Ciências Tecnologias e Agroambiente, Portugal

Universidade de Évora, Portugal
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
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