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Javier Pérez Aranda

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  • Aranda, Javier

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  • Social Sciences - Economics and Business - Business and Management


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English Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1)
Spanish; Castilian (Mother tongue)


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2022/09/26 - 2024/09/26 Sustainable tourism and Recommender Systems
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Integration into Research Grant Fellow
Gobierno de España, Spain
Gobierno de España


Journal article
  1. Aranda, Javier; Samuel Medina ; Ricardo Urrestarazu. Corresponding author: Aranda, Javier. "Effects of a collaborative and gamified online learning methodology on class and test emotions". Education and Information Technologies (2023): 1-33.
    Open access • Published
  2. Javier Perez-Aranda; Eva M. González Robles; Pilar Alarcón Urbistondo. "Understanding antecedents of continuance and revisit intentions: The case of sport apps". Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (2023): https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jretconser.2023.103288.
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