Lea Vidakovic is a multimedia artist, educator and researcher, working in the field of animated installations, expanded media practices and traditional puppet animation. She holds a BA/MA as graphic artist and painter (Academy of Arts, Zagreb); BA in animation (Norway); MA of audio-visual arts (KASK, Belgium) and a PhD in animation studies (NTU/ADM Singapore). Her research interests include fragmented narratives and new storytelling approaches for animated installations and expanded cinema. She has exhibited internationally on numerous solo and group exhibitions, on more than 200 animation festivals, and is a winner of several art and film awards. She took part in several art residencies, conferences and animation festivals as a selector and jury member. She is an assistant professor at Lusofona university.

Personal identification

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Lea Vidakovic

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  • Vidakovic, Lea

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  • lea.leavidakovic@gmail.com (Personal)


  • Universidade Lusófona. Campo Grande, 376, 1200-293, Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal (Professional)


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  • Humanities - Arts


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English Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1)
Serbo-Croatian (Mother tongue)
Hungarian (Mother tongue)
Degree Classification
2014/08/01 - 2020/01/01
PhD in Animation studies (Doktor (PhD))
Nanyang Technological University School of Art Design and Media, Singapore
"Fragmented Narratives in Space: Exploring Storytelling Approaches for Animated Installations" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
2011/10/01 - 2012/06/06
MA in audio-visual arts (Master)
Hogeschool Gent School of Arts, Belgium
2007/08/01 - 2010/06/01
BA in Animation (Bachelor)
Høgskulen i Volda, Norway
2008/09 - 2009/02
Animation (Glamorgan Univeristy) (Bachelor)
Major in Puppet animation
University of South Wales School of Art and Design, United Kingdom
2008/07 - 2008/08
Art installation and performance (Magister)
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Austria
2004/09/22 - 2007/06/01
Graphic art and painting (Bachelor)
Sveucili¿te u Zagrebu Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Croatia

Positions / Appointments

Host institution
2021/09/01 - Current Assistant professor Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal


Host institution
2016/01 - 2018/06 Teaching assistant Nanyang Technological University School of Art Design and Media, Singapore
Nanyang Technological University School of Art Design and Media, Singapore


Journal article
  1. Lea Vidakovic. "Fragmented Narratives: Exploring Storytelling approaches for Animation in Spatial Context". International Journal of Film and Media Arts 6 2 (2021): 7-27. http://dx.doi.org/10.24140/ijfma.v6.n2.01.
  2. Vidakovic, Lea. "Fragmented narratives : exploring storytelling approaches for animation in spatial context". (2021): http://hdl.handle.net/10437/12364.


Other output
  1. The Family Portrait (animated short film). Animated short film produced by Adriatic Animation (Croatia), Vivement Lundi! (France), Biberche Productions (Serbia). 2023. Vidakovic, Lea. http://leavidakovic.com/the-family-portrait/.
  2. The Vast Landscape - Porcelain Stories. Animated short film. Produced by Adriatic Animation (Croatia). 2014. Vidakovic, Lea. https://vimeo.com/124140795.
  3. Sisters. Animated short film and animated installation for a gallery. Produced during MA of audio visual arts, KASK - Royal Academy of Arts, Ghent, Belgium. 2012. Vidakovic, Lea. https://vimeo.com/59157123.
  4. Crossed Sild. Animated short film co-directed with Ivana Bosnjak Produced during BA of animation, HVO, Norway. 2010. Vidakovic, Lea. https://vimeo.com/15452167.

Oral presentation

Presentation title Event name
Host (Event location)
2024/01/15 "Trambling" animated installation 8th performing conference
ZeKaeM, Youth theater (Zagreb, Croatia)
2023/12/08 Animation and the fleeting impermanence of memories and recollections EXPOSIUM - Non-fiction animation and memory
LUCA school of arts (Brussels, Belgium)
2023/06/15 “Narrative aspects of animated installations” JSAS with SAS conference “Gaps and Spaces”
Yokohama national university, Japan (Yokohama, Japan)
2023/06/14 Exploring and Re-articulating Visual Storytelling for Animation in Spatial Context: The Family Portrait animated installation SAS 34th Annual conference - society for animation studies
Rowan University, US (United States)
2023/04/27 Traditional puppet animation in expanded media FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media
Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut, Haus der Wirtschaft (Stuttgart, Germany)
2022/11 Regional work in progress: Lea Vidakovic: Family Portrait Animateka PRO 2022
Animateka (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
2022/06/06 “Animated installations in hospital environment: applied animation in the service of healthcare” co-authored with Dr Art Melinda Sefcic IX Animafest Scanner
Animafest (Zagreb, Croatia)
2022/05/02 “On Gaps and Silences: Sound Experiments in Multi-screen Animated Installations” Sound and Screen Conference 2022
Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media (Singapore, Singapore)
2021 “Expanding bodies: Re-imagining the place of puppets in contemporary animation” Bringing Legacy to Life - Stop Motion Conference
Animation Research Network Scotland, Edinburgh College of Art (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
2021 Masterclass: Exploring narratives for expanded animation Cinanima masterclass
Cinanima / ESAD (Matosinhos, Portugal)
2019/06 “Handwoven tales in contemporary context: the transformation and transposition of traditional animation techniques to environments beyond the screen” 31th Annual Conference of the Society of Animation Studies: Animation is a place
Lusofona University, Lisbon, Portugal (Lisbon, Portugal)
2018/06 "Telling Without Telling: Animated Stories Beyond The Screen” 30th Annual Conference of the Society of Animation Studies: Then, Now, Next
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (Montreal, Canada)
2018 “Fragmented narratives in animated installations: telling a story in space” Animation Symposium at Animanima animation festival
Animanima animation festival (Cacak, Serbia)
2016 “Alternative narrative structures in a spatial context: new approaches in animation storytelling¿” 28th Annual Conference of the Society of Animation Studies: The Cosmos of Animation
Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media (Singapore, Singapore)
2016 “Animation installation and spatial storytelling” Symposium Narrative Structures and Visual Storytelling
Literaturhaus Stuttgart, Germany (Stuttgart, Germany)

Jury of academic degree

Candidate name (Type of degree)
Institution / Organization
2022/05 External examiner - MA thesis "Proposing an Improved workflow for Independent Animation-making in Ebsynth through Introducing Enhanced Trackable Patterns and Textures" Leon Brakstad Valdersnes (Master)
Hogskulen i Volda Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap og historie, Norway
2021/09 External examiner - MA thesis "Avesso (in)visível: Experimental Expanded Animation and Craft Aesthetics" Samira Machado Poffo (Master)
Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal

Association member

Society Organization name Role
2021/09/01 - Current CICANT - Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture and New Technologies
2015/05/01 - Current SAS - Society of Animation Studies
2012/09 - Current HDLU - Association of Croatian Artists
2012/02/01 - Current SULUV - Association of Artists from Vojvodina

Course / Discipline taught

Academic session Degree Subject (Type) Institution / Organization
2023/09/16 - Current Scriptwriting for MA Scriptwriting (Mestrado) Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal
2023/09/11 - Current Stop motion animation for MA students Stop motion animation (Mestrado)
2021/09/06 - Current Photography in animation (Bacharelato) Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal
2021/09 - Current Courses on puppet building, puppet animation and photography in animation Puppet building, puppet animation, photography in animation (Outros) Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal
2023/09/15 - 2024/01/18 ARA 1 - Animation - Final project co-mentoring with Prof João Miguel Real Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal
2023/04/17 - 2023/04/21 Animated installations and traditional animation techniques - the exchange was realised by Erasmus+ mobility grant for teachers Expanded animation (Bachelor) Høgskulen i Volda, Norway
2022/10/18 - 2022/10/21 Workshop - Puppet animation beyond the screen (in a gallery/museum context) The program was realized with the Erasmus + mobility support for teaching Expanded animation (Bachelor) Ecole européenne supérieure de l'image, France
2021/11/15 - 2021/11/18 Expanded animation workshop by Lea Vidakovic coordinated by Claire Fouquet (EESI, Angouleme, France) The program was realized with the Erasmus + mobility support for teaching (Bachelor) Ecole européenne supérieure de l'image, France, France
2016/01 - 2018/06 Teaching assistant for puppet and stop motion animation Stop motion and puppet animation (Bachelor) Nanyang Technological University School of Art Design and Media, Singapore

Mentoring / Tutoring

Topic Student name
2023/03/01 - Current Exploration of similarities and differences in puppets for theater plays and puppets for animated films Lorna Kauzlaric

Other jury / evaluation

Activity description Institution / Organization
2022 - 2022 Jury member, main short film competition,MONSTRA animation festival, Lisbon, Portugal
2021 - 2021 Preselection committee member for student films, Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
2019 - 2019 Balkanima, jury for best student animation films, Belgrade, Serbia
2018 - 2018 Animanima, Jury for best children animation film, Cacak, Serbia
2018 - 2018 Constantin’s golden coin animation festival , jury for animated films, Nis, Serbia


2024 Best performance and animation
PIAFF Paris international animation festival, France
2023 Special mention for animated film
XI Insomnia International Open-Air Animation Film Festival, Russia
2023 Grand Prix
Animist Tallin, International animation festival, Estonia, Estonia
2023 Grand Prix of the 19th World festival of animated films, Varna, Bulgaria
World festival of animated films, Bulgaria
2023 Grand Prix of Balkanima animation fetsival 2023
Balkanima animation festival, Serbia
2023 Special mention
LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Arts Festival, Ukraine
2023 Honorable mention
Kuandu International Animation Festival, Taiwan
2023 Special jury award
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Japan
2023 Jury's special award
CINANIMA animation festival, Portugal
2023 Best film for adults
Tofuzi International Animated Film Festival, Georgia
2023 Grand prize
MORC Stop-motion Animation Festival, Japan
2023 Best animation film award
Aguilar Film fetsival, Spain
2023 Silver brick award for best animation film
Animax Skopje animation festival, Macedonia
2021 Award for the animation workshop film done during Museum’s night in Serbia, at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Subotica, Serbia
2020 Award for pitching (The Family Portrait)
ANIMARKT pitching forum, Poland
2019 Animateka PRO pitch winner (The Family Portrait)
2019 CEE animation pitch forum award (The Family Portrait)
CEE animation forum, Czech Republic
2017 Best animated film special mention (The Vast Landscape) - Zsigmond Vilmost Film Festival, Hungary
2017 Best animation (The Vast Landscape) - Global Short Film Awards Film Festival, Cannes, France
2017 Special mention ¿ FIFFA, (The Vast Landscape) Formosa Festival of Int Filmmaker Awards, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 Special mention (The Vast Landscape) - 7th Balkan Beyond Borders Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
2016 Distinction (The Vast Landscape) - 2nd Animation Marathon, Greece
2016 Honourable mention (The Vast Landscape) - XI festival international de cine rural + indigent arica nativa
2016 Best first film (The Vast Landscape) - Festival International du Film d'Animation de Paris, France
2016 Narrative award (The Vast Landscape) - Rush process festival of handcrafted animation, Texas, US
2016 Award for outstanding set design (Sisters) – Autumn Shorts Film Festival Somerset, Kentucky, US
2016 Audience award (Sisters) – Start Film Fest, Sisak, Croatia
2016 Third award – short film category (Sisters) – Fem Tour Truck, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Ecuador
2015 Best experimental animation film (Sisters), Encontrarte Amares, Portugal
2015 Honorary mention (The Vast Landscape) - Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF, Greece
2015 Special mention (The Vast Landscape) - Videomedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia
2015 Second award (The Vast Landscape) - International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Film for Adults, Warshav, Poland
2015 Best animation film (The Vast Landscape) - III Festival Brasil de Cinema International, Brasil
2015 Best animation film(The Vast Landscape) - WatchOut! Film Festival, Tetovo, Macedonia
2015 Honorary mention (The Vast Landscape) - Animfest, Athens, Greece
2014 Best narration (Sisters) – Multivision, Video Installations Competition at the Erarta Museum of the Contemporary Art, Russia
2014 Best animation (Sisters) - Early bird student film festival, Bulgaria
2014 Best cinematography (Sisters) - Early bird student film festival, Bulgaria
2014 Best artsy short film (Sisters) - Cine Campus – international student's film festival, Puerto Rico
2014 Audience choice award (Sisters) - Cinema Monsters Film Festival, Huntingdon, Pensilvania, USA
2014 Special mention (The Vast Landscape) - Filmski Front, Novi Sad, Serbia
2013 Award for best animation film (Sisters) - Watch Out Film Festival – Tetovo, Macedonia
2013 Honorary award (Sisters) - International film festival ZOOM ZBLIZENIA, Jelenia Gora, Poland
2013 Best sound decision (Sisters) Unprecedented cinema, Nevidanoe kino, Tallin, Estonia
2013 Dr Ferenc Bodrogvari award for art, Subotica, Serbia
2012 Second prize (Crossed sild) - Athens international animation festival, Greece
2011 Best art installation (Splendid Isolation) - at Art festival S¿UND, Art Center, Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Best stop motion animation movie (Crossed sild) - student animation festival, Toronto, Canada
2011 Brozn Pegasus (Crossed sild) - animation festival ANIMATOR, Poznan, Poland
2011 Special prize (Crossed sild) - 14. International Film Festival 'Zoom Zblizenia', Poland
2008 Rector's award for the artwork 'Interior of a heart’, Academy of Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
Sveucili¿te u Zagrebu Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Croatia
2007 Dean's award for works in 2006/2007, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
Sveucili¿te u Zagrebu Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Croatia
2006 Dean’s award for works done in 2004/2005, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
Sveucili¿te u Zagrebu Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Croatia