Terhi is completed her PhD in 2022 in the audiovisual content creation track at the University of Porto. Her PhD was supervised by Dr. Patrícia Gouveia (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon) and Dr. Diamantino Freitas (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto). Terhi's PhD explores the use of voice / interaction, that is: voice, speech recognition, synthetic voice, texts, language, combinatorial language and play in digital, browser-based art to explore various aspects of human migratory movement, where human migratory movement is understood as - movement. Terhi's PhD is practice-based, with theoretical work progressing alongside a practice of creating interactive and combinatorial/generative artworks about migration. Past studies in engineering, contemporary art as well as art education combine with a drive to learn javascript, use p5.js and other web programming techniques as she goes along. Her skills unite to create intriguing artistic perspectives on human migratory movement through digital art to address her research task. At the core of her research is the aim to explore how artistic approaches and the use of voice / interaction can converge to further our understanding of the phenomenon of migration as movement. Future research includes a more intimate theoretical exploration of the concept of voice / interaction, and further artistic explorations of the idea of migration as movement, including crochet-based analogue/digital performative and participatory work (circles).

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Terhi Marttila

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  • Marttila, Terhi

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  • https://terhimarttila.com (Professional)

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  • Social Sciences - Educational Sciences
  • Humanities - Arts
  • Exact Sciences - Computer and Information Sciences - Computer Sciences


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Finnish (Mother tongue)
English Proficiency (C2) Proficiency (C2) Proficiency (C2) Proficiency (C2) Proficiency (C2)
German Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1)
Portuguese Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1) Advanced (C1)
Swedish Beginner (A1) Elementary (A2) Beginner (A1) Elementary (A2) Beginner (A1)
French Beginner (A1) Elementary (A2) Beginner (A1) Elementary (A2) Beginner (A1)
Degree Classification
2016/01/09 - 2022/06/27
Doctoral Program in Digital Media (Doutoramento)
Universidade do Porto, Portugal
"Migration as movement - repurposing the voice/interface to explore aspects of human migratory movement through artistic research" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
2011/09/01 - 2016/06/06
Art Eduction (Bachelor)
Lapin Yliopisto, Finland
2011/09/01 - 2016/06/06
Art Education (Master)
Lapin Yliopisto, Finland
"Give Me a Reas8n: Three Cycles of Dialogical Art-based Action Research to Support a Community of Volunteers Who Work With Migrants. Available at: https://lauda.ulapland.fi/handle/10024/62451" (THESIS/DISSERTATION)
2010/09/01 - 2011/08/31
Contemporary art (Bachelor)
Taidekoulu MAA, Finland
2004/09/01 - 2010/05/31
Technical Physics and Mathematics (Bachelor)
Aalto-yliopisto Teknillisen fysiikan laitos, Finland


Designation Funders
2017 - 2021/06/30 NORTE 2020
PhD Student Fellow
Universidade do Porto, Portugal
European Social Fund


Conference abstract
  1. Marttila, Terhi. "1st abstract: Give Me a Reason, 2nd abstract: “Tell me a story, Siri.” The voice as an emerging medium for interaction in digital art". Paper presented in ELO2019: Electronic Literature Organization Conference & Media Arts Festival, Cork, 2019.
Conference paper
  1. Marttila, Terhi. "linguistic accents and xenophobia in we-cannot-take-them-all: preliminary findings in the design of a voice interface". Paper presented in EnIAD - Encontro de Investigação em Arte e Design, Lisbon, 2019.
    Under revision
  2. Marttila, Terhi. "Chatting as interface in gaming — case example: Bury me, my love". Paper presented in Videojogos 2018, Porto, 2018.
  3. Marttila, Terhi. "Playful readings and deeper meanings". Paper presented in ICLI 2018 - International Conference on Live Interfaces, Porto, 2018.
  4. Marttila, Terhi. "Give Me a Reason - Encouraging Dialogue Through Interactive Media". Paper presented in InSEA 2017 - International Society for Education trough Art, Daegu, 2017.
Conference poster
  1. Marttila, Terhi. "Why are you here? Four computational dialogues about migration". Paper presented in UT Austin Digital Media Symposium, 2018.
Online resource
  1. Marttila, Terhi. Transplanted [published on nokturno.fi - platform for digital, experimental and cross-disciplinary literature]. 2022. https://nokturno.fi/en/digital-histories-of-literature/.
  2. Marttila, Terhi. MobileMovieFinland - a blog about lessons learned with using mobile phones to teach video. 2012. http://mobilemoviefinland.blogspot.com/.
  1. Marttila, Terhi. We Cannot Take Them All [artwork for browser]. 2019. terhimarttila.com/we-cannot-take-them-all.
  2. Marttila, Terhi. Give Me a Reason [artwork for browser]. 2016. terhimarttila.com/give-me-a-reason.
  3. Marttila, Terhi. Portfolio of works completed in Montreal (2015-2016). 2015. http://cargocollective.com/terhimarttila/.
  4. Marttila, Terhi. terhimarttila.com. 2014. https://terhimarttila.com/.
  5. Marttila, Terhi. Portfolio documenting artistic work from 2014. 2014. https://terhimarttila.tumblr.com/.

Artistic / Performance

Artistic exhibition
  1. Give Me a Reason [included in Electronic Literature Collection 4]. 2022.
  2. Speak out [exhibited at ELO 2022 conference]. 2022.
  3. Marttila, Terhi; Gouveia, Patricia. Speak out [artistic residency + exhibition at raum.pt curated by Patrícia Gouveia]. 2021.
  4. Transplanted [group exhibition in Rovaniemi, Finland]. 2021.
  5. We Cannot Take Them All [online exhibition at Art of Research 2020 conference]. 2020.
  6. Manifesto for the Nationalisation of Music. 2014.
Artistic performance
  1. 2014. Manifesto for the Nationalisation of Music. RAFLOST Festival, Sölvhóll, LHÍ Concert Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland.
  1. Outi Kallas (Composer). 2014. Ankkuri - dancer and music in coreography. Studio Solu.
  2. Outi Kallas (Composer). 2014. Arctic Design Show 2014 - Vuomas - dancer. Studio Solu.
Theatre play
  1. 2014. LYY Speksi: Satu Yliopiston Synnystä - actress, 4/9 performances in total.

Oral presentation

Presentation title Event name
Host (Event location)
2022/07/14 Poster pitch ITI/LARSyS 2022: Migration as movement LARSyS Annual meeting
LARSyS (Lisboa)
2022/03/25 SPARKS 2022: Speak out - an artists' game about life in a world of shifting border rules Artists’ Games: Critical and Creative Approaches in New Media Art
SPARKS (Short Presentations of Artworks & Research for the Kindred Spirit) sponsored by the ACMSIGGRAPH Digital Arts Committee
2020/12/03 AoR 2020: Dimensions of authorship in the (co-)creation of interactive art: some examples Art of Research
Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland)
2019/10/11 REBOOT 2019: We-cannot-take-them-all: Preliminary findings in the design of a voice interface REEBOT Digital Arts and New Media Festival Doctoral Symposium
University of Porto, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)
2019/10/02 ENIAD 2019: You don't sound like you're from here? - The foreign accent in synthesised speech as a means to create thought provoking interactive art about migration ENIAD - Encontro de Investigação em Arte e Design
University of Lisbon, Faculty of Fine Arts (Lisbon, Portugal)
2019/07/15 ELO 2019: Tell me a story, Siri. The voice as an emerging medium for interaction in digital art, case studies of selected artworks ELO Cork 2019
University College Cork (Cork, Ireland)
2019/07/15 ELO 2019: Give Me a Reason - Artist Talk ELO Cork 2019
University College Cork (Cork, Ireland)
2019/06/06 Consciousness Reframed 2019: From osmosis to diffusion - migration as movement, digital art for dismantling membranes Consciousness Reframed 2019 - Sentient States: Bio-mind and Techno-nature
Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto, Portugal)
2019/03/18 Playful interfaces workshop: On migration Playful interfaces and interaction strategies to develop media literacy about migrations
ESAIG, Ecole Estienne Paris (Paris, France)
2018/11/29 PDMD doctoral symposium 2018: Speech interaction with computers as a medium for artistic expression - Computational dialogues about migration UT Austin Digital Media Symposium in Lisbon
(Lisbon, Portugal)
2018/11/21 Videojogos 2018: Chatting as interface in mobile gaming - Case example: Bury me, my love Videojogos
University of Porto (Porto, Portugal)
2018/06/16 ICLI 2018: Playful readings and deeper meanings - using text, speech and voice in a playful manner to deliver serious messages ICLI - International Conference on Live Interfaces, Doctoral Symposium
University of Porto (Porto, Portugal)
2017/10/17 PDMD/Future places doctoral symposium 2017: Migration is my right, borders an unnecessary obstacle: developing persuasive text-based interactive art Future Places Doctoral Symposium
University of Porto (Porto, Portugal)

Event organisation

Event name
Type of event (Role)
Institution / Organization
2014/03/21 - 2014/03/23 Snow art workshops at the National astronomical society annual congress in Inari, Finland. Website: https://www.ursa.fi/harrastus/harrastustapahtumat/tahtipaivat/tahtipaivat-2014.html, my blogpost: http://lapinyliopisto.blogspot.com/2014/03/kuinka-rakastuin-inariin-osa-1.html (2014/03/21 - 2014/03/23)
Symposium (Other)
Tähtitieteelinen yhdistys Ursa ry, Finland
2013/06/19 - 2013/10/06 X-Border Biennial - art crossing borders - I translated the catalogue texts en-fi and fi-en and worked as an exhibition guide in July of 2013. Blog: https://x-border.tumblr.com/About, catalogue: https://issuu.com/x-border/docs/catalogue_pages, magazine: https://issuu.com/x-border/docs/magazine, my blog: http://lapinyliopisto.blogspot.com/2013/09/rovaniemelta-on-lyhyt-matka-pohjoiseen.html (2013/06/19 - 2013/10/06)
Exhibition (Other)
Lapin Yliopisto, Finland

Event participation

Activity description
Type of event
Event name
Institution / Organization
2022/05/30 - 2022/06/01 ELO 2022: exhibition of artwork [Speak out] at conference art exhibition, online attendance
ELO 2022 - Education and Electronic Literature
Jyväskylän yliopisto, Finland

Politecnico di Milano Sede di Milano Leonardo, Italy
2017/07/17 - 2017/07/21 ELO 2017
ELO 2017: Affiliations, Communities, Translations
Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal
2017/07/06 - 2017/07/07 xCoAx 2017
5th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X
Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Belas-Artes, Portugal
2017/05/22 - 2017/05/23 MoreEU 2017: The Federal Experience of the European Union
MoreEU: The Federal Experience of the European Union
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Direito, Portugal
2017/05/22 - 2017/05/22 BREXIT - Os desafios do Brexit, presentations by Dion Curry and Gabriel Siles-Brügge
BREXIT - Os desafios do Brexit
ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa Escola de Sociologia e Políticas Públicas, Portugal
2016/09/22 - 2016/09/24 InSEA 2016 regional Congress, Vienna, Austria
Art and Design Education in Times of Change
Die Angewandte - University of Applied Arts, Austria
2016/06/28 - 2016/06/30 4th Conference on Arts-based Research and Artistic Research
4th Conference on Arts-based Research and Artistic Research
Aalto University - School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland
2016/05/27 - 2016/05/30 MTF 2016 - MusicTechFest #MTFBerlin
2015/09/18 - 2015/09/21 MTF 2015 - MusicTechFest #MTFCentral
Music Tech Fest Central Europe: #MTFCentral
IRZU Institute for Sonic Arts Research, Slovenia
2014/05/19 - 2014/05/23 DAMA 15, Reykjavik - performance art workshop
DAMA 15, Reykjavik - RAFLOSTi/DAMA Workshop
Listahaskoli Islands, Iceland

Committee member

Activity description
Institution / Organization
2022/03/08 - 2022/03/15 ELO 2022 program committee: peer review of conference abstracts (scientific and artistic)
Politecnico di Milano Sede di Milano Leonardo, Italy

Interview (newspaper / magazine)

Activity description Newspaper / Forum
2013/02/22 Finnish national broadcasting company online article and radio interview - about my work with mobile phones as tools in art education YLE - National broadcasting company of Finand


2018 Best Poster Award
Universidade do Porto, Portugal