MARIA ALICE GONÇALVES CARVALHO. Completed the Doutoramento em Ciências (PhD in Science) in 1997/07/17 by Universidade do Minho Centro de Química and Licenciatura em Ensino de Física e Química (Degree in Physics and Chemistry Teaching) in 1991/06/19 by Universidade do Minho. Is Assistant Professor in Universidade do Minho. Published 40 articles in journals. Has 1 section(s) of books. Supervised 5 Ph.D. thesis(es). Supervised 19 MSc dissertation(s) and co-supervised 1. Has received 2 awards. Participates as Other in 1 project, Principal investigator in 2 projects, Researcher in 9 projects, and Supervisor in 5 projects. She is specialized in organic synthesis and has been applying her expertise to the design of new small molecules with biological activity and to the development of new synthetic methods to generate the target bioactive molecules. Her research interests include the design, synthesis, and characterization of nitrogen-based heterocycles for several biological applications, as novel biochemical tools and/or therapeutic drugs. Her areas of interest embrace cancer, schizophrenia, and neglected tropical diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, leishmaniasis and sleeping sickness. Works in the area of Exact Sciences with emphasis on Chemical Sciences and Organic Chemistry. In their professional activities interacted with 182 collaborators co-authorship of scientific papers. In her curriculum Ciência Vitae the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural output are: Antileishmanial agents; Anti-tuberculosis agents; Organic synthesis; Antioxidants; Anticancer agents; Antimicrobial agents; Adenosine receptors antagonists; Structure-activity relationship; Hit optimization; anti-malarial Pyrimidopyrimidine derivatives; New materials; fractalkine receptor CX3CR1; G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs); schizophrenia; compartmentalized signaling; biased signaling; allosterism; therapeutic target; malaria; drug resistance; drug target; Diaminomaleonitrilo; Heterociclo; cancer; Targeted therapy; Adenines; Drug carrier nanosystem; anticancer drug; purines; pirimidopirimidinas; Heterocyclic N-oxides; imidazole; pyrrols; Pyrimidines; Radical scavengers; Isoniazide; Purine derivatives; 6-enaminopurines; Imidazoles; Ethoxymethylenemalononitrile; Ethoxymethylenecyanoacetate; 6-methoxyformimidoyl purines; Malononitrile; NaY Zeolite; Copper(II); Imida-salen ligand; DFT studies; Alcohol oxidations; Heterogeneous catalysis; Zeolites; Copper; Oxidation; Schiff bases; Cyclic voltammetry; Biomaterials; Inhalable dry powders; Magnetic drug targeting; Microparticulate systems; Remotely controlled drug release;Purines; Pyrimidopyrimidines; Phenolic derivatives; Phenolic conjugates; Organic Synthesis; Triazepines; Amidines; Diaminomaleonitrile; Branqueamento da folha de madeira; Produtos naturais; Oxidação de produtos naturais; Redução de produtos naturais; oncobiologia; anticancerígenos; sustainable development; cashew nut oil; epoxy resin hardeners; Cardanol; Nucleobases; Phenols; Condensations; Aldehydes; Ring closure; 6-alkoxypurines; 6-carboxamidinopurines; 6-cyanopurines; Antioxidant activity; Antioxidant capacity; Voltammetric methods; Project-Based Learning (PBL); Engineering Education; Industrial Engineering and Management Education; teachers¿ perceptions; student engagement; project-based learning; Ciências Sociais::Ciências da Educação; Social Sciences; Engineering education; Project-based learning; Active learning; Competences development; Industrial engineering and management curriculum;

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  • Carvalho, Maria
  • M. Alice Carvalho
  • Carvalho, M.A.
  • Alice Carvalho

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  • Campus de Gualtar, Departamento de Química- Universidade do Minho , 4770-057 , Braga, Braga, Portugal (Profissional)


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1994/03/08 - 1997/07/17
Doutoramento em Ciências (PhD in Science) (Doutoramento)
Especialização em Química (Chemistry)
Universidade do Minho Centro de Química, Portugal
"Derivados do diaminomaleonitrilo na síntese de heterociclos" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
Distinção e Louvor (Distinction and laud)
1986/09/01 - 1991/06/19
Licenciatura em Ensino de Física e Química (Degree in Physics and Chemistry Teaching) (Licenciatura)
Especialização em Ensino de Física e Química ( Physics and Chemistry Teaching)
Universidade do Minho, Portugal


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    Acesso aberto • Publicado
  2. André Lopes; Nuno Santarém; Anabela Cordeiro-da-Silva; M. Alice Carvalho. "Pyrimido[5,4-d]pyrimidine-Based Compounds as a Novel Class of Antitrypanosomal and Antileishmanial Agents". ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2022): https://doi.org/10.1021/acsmedchemlett.2c00170.
  3. Pedroso de Lima, Fábio; Lence, Emilio; Suárez de Cepeda, Pilar; Correia, Carla; Carvalho, M. Alice; González-Bello, Concepción; Proença, M. Fernanda. "Regioselective Synthesis of 2-Aryl-5-cyano-1-(2-hydroxyaryl)-1H-imidazole-4-carboxamides Self-Assisted by a 2-Hydroxyaryl Group". ACS Omega (2022): http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/acsomega.2c01399.
    Acesso aberto • 10.1021/acsomega.2c01399
  4. Teixeira, Sofia; Carvalho, Maria Alice; Castanheira, Elisabete M. S.. "Functionalized Liposome and Albumin-Based Systems as Carriers for Poorly Water-Soluble Anticancer Drugs: An Updated Review". Biomedicines 10 2 (2022): 486. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/biomedicines10020486.