Michael Croft. Completed the Magister in Painting in 1985 by Royal College of Art, Postgraduate Certificate in Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling, Birkbeck College in 1998/06 by Birkbeck University of London and Bachelor in Painting School in 1977/06 by Camberwell College of Arts. Is Lecturer in Chiang Mai University. Published 9 articles in journals. Has 2 section(s) of books. Participated in 2 event(s). Has received 3 awards and/or honors. Participates and/or participated as Other in 2 project(s). Works in the area(s) of Humanities with emphasis on Arts. In his curriculum Ciência Vitae the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural output are: drawing; archaeology; unconscious; creative education; experience; philosophy; psychoanalytical theory; Drawing; Perception; Unconscious; Cognition; Psychonalytical theory; visual research; ideas; concepts; visualising; reflective practice; painting; architecture; visualisation; creativity; cognition; visual thinking; movement; space; workshop; process; phenomenology; perception; walking; time; visual practice; language; speech; transcripts; perspective; educational programs; image studies; health; somatic; digital technology; sound; artistic research; visual arts; fine art; ideas generation; video animation; solo exhibition; posters; visual art; reproduction; sculpture; printmaking; lecturers; anniversary; media; design; students; craft; film; video; screenings.

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Michael Croft

Nomes de citação

  • Michael Croft
  • Mike Croft

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Domínios de atuação

  • Humanidades - Artes
Grau Classificação
1982 - 1985
Painting (Magister)
Especialização em Painting
Royal College of Art, Reino Unido
1974/09 - 1977/06
Painting School (Bachelor)
Especialização em Painting
Camberwell College of Arts, Reino Unido
BA (Hons) 2:1
Percurso profissional

Docência no Ensino Superior

Categoria Profissional
Instituição de acolhimento
2018 - 2021 Leitor (Docente Universitário) Chiang Mai University, Tailândia


Categoria Profissional
Instituição de acolhimento
2021 - Atual Collaborative researcher Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Universidade do Porto Instituto de Investigação em Arte Design e Sociedade, Portugal


Designação Financiadores
2015 - Atual Visual Art website located at: www.michaelcroft.weebly.com
2021 - 2024 The Observation of Perception: considered through drawing
Artistic research project
2015 - 2018 Inside Time
This was a self-set research project whose outputs were regularly updated on the TRACEY Journal of Drawing Visualisation and Research
Loughborough University, Reino Unido


Artigo em conferência
  1. Michael Croft. "Drawing with a View to Architecture: an approach to drawing that begins to suggest a different way of articulating space". Trabalho apresentado em Drawing in the University Today, Porto, 2013.
  2. Michael Croft. "Questions of Introductory Drawing in Programs in Architecture and Design". Trabalho apresentado em SEATUC2012 Symposium, KMUTT, Thailand, Bangkok, 2012.
  3. Michael Croft. "A Speculative Approach to Drawing as Visualising Thinking". Trabalho apresentado em Design Research Society Conference 2012, 2012.
Artigo em revista
  1. "Coded Perception: Out of the Corner of One's Eye". i2ADS - Research Institute of Art, Design and Society (2021): https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/1306314/1306315.
    Acesso aberto • Publicado
  2. "'[...]Biology of One Body's Work: A video collage of seconds counted while drawing + 2-minutes playback layered a number of times". i2ADS - Research Institute of Art, Design and Society (2021): https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/1305336/1305337.
    Acesso aberto • Publicado
  3. Michael Croft. "Oscillation: Drawing between Practice and Theory". TRACEY Journal of Drawing Visualisation Research (2021):
    No prelo
  4. Michael Croft. "GLOVE AND HAND: Autofiction discussed through reference to drawings that concern the observation of perception". TRACEY Journal of drawing and visualisation research (online peer-reviewed jounral of Loughborough Univeristy, UK) (2021):
    No prelo
  5. "Walking avenue, tea pulling, trance dance, helicopter landing-pad: Sketching elements of perceptual consciousness". Black Book: Drawing and Sketching Scientific Journal 2 2 (2021): 7-25. https://journals.ap2.pt/index.php/BBDS/article/view/394.
    Acesso aberto • Publicado
  6. Croft, Michael. "Observation of perception, considered through drawing". Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice 5 2 (2020): 241-259. http://dx.doi.org/10.1386/drtp_00035_1.
  7. Michael Croft. "Ushered, Left; Curtailed, Right: consideration of some in-situ visualisation of a place that has heightened connection with it". AIS Arachitecture Image Studies Scientific Journal 1 1 (2020): https://journals.ap2.pt/index.php/AIS/article/view/295.
  8. Michael Croft. "Drawing Walking Fasai: Mapping the walking of a dog around a local neighbourhood". PSIAX 4 2 (2020): https://i2ads.up.pt/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Psiax-4_web-spreads.pdf.
  9. Croft, Michael. "Process and experience: Theory and practice considered from an art-researcher/educator’s perspective". International Journal of Education Through Art 14 3 (2018): 275-292. http://dx.doi.org/10.1386/eta.14.3.275_1.
    Publicado • 10.1386/eta.14.3.275_1
  10. Croft, Michael. "Exhumation of Pearls: A schematized drawing and its unconscious depth". Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice 2 2 (2017): 243-260. http://dx.doi.org/10.1386/drtp.2.2.243_1.
    Publicado • 10.1386/drtp.2.2.243_1
  11. Croft, Michael. "Challenging a tendency to finish before starting: A processed-based visual/material methodology". International Journal of Education Through Art 12 1 (2016): 89-107. http://dx.doi.org/10.1386/eta.12.1.89_1.
  12. Croft, Michael. "Visualised and spoken-through: an artist’s reflective comment on his practice". Reflective Practice 16 5 (2015): 595-608. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14623943.2015.1064381.
    Publicado • 10.1080/14623943.2015.1064381
  13. Michael Croft. "A Journey through Drawing". TRACEY Journal of Drawing Visualisation Research (2013): http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/sota/tracey/journal/proc/croft.html.
Capítulo de livro
  1. Michael Croft. "A Commentary on Drawing in Response". In Towards Architectural Space: Public Social Space, 209-230. Chiang Mai, Tailândia: CMU Press, 2014.
  2. Michael Croft. "Difference: A Slow Method". In Journal of Fine Arts, 59-99. Chiang Mai, Tailândia: CMU Press, 2014.
Recurso online
  1. Michael Croft. PRACTICE SHARING Language-based Artistic Reserach Special Interest Group. 2020. https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/835089/1021562.

Artística / Interpretação

Exposição artística
  1. Asia Network Beyond Design 2018, Munich Special Exhibition. 2018.
  2. International Art & Design Invitation Exhibition. 2018.
  3. Ideas Generation. 2015.
  4. Visual Art 2015. 2015.
  5. Exhibition of Art and Research Works by Staff Members, 50th Anniversary of Chiang Mai University. 2014.
  6. Still-Movement: artwork as on-going research in drawing. 2013.
  7. Moving a Document along a Wall. 2013.
  8. Thinking Media. 2012.
  9. Thinking Media. 2012.
  10. Askance. 2011.
  11. Another Side: Contemporary Artists' Dreams. 2010.
  12. Floor - Relation - Mirror. 2008.
  13. Sensational Selves: Thinking through the Human Body in some Recent Art from Bangkok. 2008.
  14. KUIEP 2007. 2007.
  15. 11th Exhibition of Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Burapha University. 2006.
  16. Fresh, Festival of Video Art and Short Film. 2005.

Apresentação oral de trabalho

Título da apresentação Nome do evento
Anfitrião (Local do evento)
2015/11/11 Psychoanalysis and Space Seminar to master degree studetns
Chiang Mai University Architecture Faculty (Chiang Mai, Tailândia)
2014/03/24 Drawing as a Practice of Self-discovering Seminar to master degree students
Chiang Mai University Architecture Faculty (Chiang Mai, Tailândia)
2013/07/01 Drawing as response and Drawing as Ideas Generation Lecturer to 4th, 5th yr Architecture students
Chiang Mai University Architecture Faculty (Chiang Mai, Tailândia)
2013/02/19 Amidst Space Drawing workshop for Architecture and Multidisciplinary Art students
Chiang Mai University Faculty of Architecture (Chiang Mai, Tailândia)
2008/06/26 Askance Sensational Selves: Thinking through the Human Body in some Recent Recent Art from Bangkok
The Art Center, Center of Academic Resources’, Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Tailândia)

Participação em evento

Descrição da atividade
Tipo de evento
Nome do evento
Instituição / Organização
2012/05/25 - 2012/05/26 Festival screening of 'Moving the Tank', project work conducted with students during Visiting Lecturer Residency, KUB School of Design, Konkuk University, S. Korea
Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Chuncheon, S. Korea
Konkuk University - Glocal Campus, Coreia do Sul
2011/02/11 - 2011/02/12 Participating artist in an international artists' workshop
Oficina (workshop)
International Artists’ Workshop, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Burapha University
Burapha University, Tailândia

Arbitragem científica em revista

Nome da revista (ISSN) Editora
2021 - Atual AIS Architecture Image Studies Scientific Journal AP2 Open Access Journals

Curso / Disciplina lecionado

Disciplina Curso (Tipo) Instituição / Organização
2018 - Atual 2nd yr Studio; Eastern Art History; Western Art History; 4th yr Seminar (Bachelor) Chiang Mai University Faculty of Architecture, Tailândia


2016 Adjunct Professor grant
Chiang Mai University, Tailândia
2015 Adjunct Professor grant
Chiang Mai University, Tailândia
2014 Adjunct Professor grant
Chiang Mai University, Tailândia