Ana Ferreira has begun her piano studies in Macao (China), where she has won prizes at the “Young Macao Musicians” piano competitions. In December 2001, she played at the First Lopes Graça Piano Competition, held in Tomar (Portugal), having obtained the second prize. In June 2002, she played with the National Conservatoire Orchestra, J.S. Bach’s Piano Concerto in f minor, at the Ajuda Palace, in Lisbon. She participated in various piano masterclasses in Europe under distinguished pianists, namely Dimitri Bashkirov, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Helena Sá da Costa, Luiz de Moura Castro, Oxana Yablonskaya, Pedro Burmester, Pierre Réach and Vitaly Margulis. After her graduation at the Superior School of Music and the Arts of Spectacles, she studied piano performance in USA, at the University of Hartford, with distinguished pianists Luiz de Moura Castro and Oxana Yablonskaya. She participated as a younger pianist in some of the most famous international music festivals, such as Puigcerda Music Festival (Andorra), the International Engadin Summer Piano Academy (Switzerland) and the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory where she was selected from the international piano students to play at the famous Rachmaninoff Hall. In Macau, Ana Ferreira was invited to be a research assistant at University Saint Joseph (Macao, China) where she taught Piano, Chamber Music and Music History and obtained her Master degree on Education with special focus on Neuroscience, Music and Education. Embracing projects such as "Piano for Everyone" with her teaching approach strongly based on Neuroscience findings, her students have won prizes in Macao Competitions and because of that she received "Excellent Teacher" award by the 21st Japan Hamamatsu Piara Competition. More recently, she is a PhD student in Music Performance at Aveiro University and has been invited to some conferences and concerts.

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Ana Filipa Neves Ferreira

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  • Ferreira, Ana
  • Ferreira, A.N.

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2013/09/01 - 2016/10/01
Master in Education (Master)
University of Saint Joseph, Macau
"Music training influences on brain development and as a tool for learning improvement" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)