Teresa Henriques (T.H.) is a junior researcher at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, Portugal (FMUP) as awarded with Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus (CEECIND/02774/2017). Her academic background is in mathematics applied to clinical research with a Ph.D. in 2015 from FMUP, supported by the Portuguese National Science Foundation. Her studies led her to a position as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University (mentors: Ary L. Goldberger, M.D., Madalena D. Costa, Ph.D., and Balachundhar Subramaniam, M.B., B.S.). At Harvard, she had the opportunity to work with several clinicians and developed her training in Biostatistics. T.H.'s current work developed with the BioData group - Biostatistics & Intelligent Data Analysis - at CINTESIS (mentors Cristina Costa-Santos, Ph.D., and Luís F. Antunes, Ph.D.) has allowed her to apply and improve the acquired knowledge to real-world data. T.H. is a lecturer at FMUP since 2018 and at Universidade Católica Portuguesa Católica Porto Business School, Portugal, since 2019. In her seven years after the Ph.D., T.H.(co-)supervised twelve students: 4 Ph.D. and 8 MSc and has co-authored 22 peer-reviewed papers and two papers in international conferences (Scopus h-index 9, Publons h-index 8). T.H.'s computational work over the past few years explored the applications of complex systems analysis in decision-making research. T.H.'s expertise is in the pre-processing and analysis of multichannel physiological data, including signals from electrocardiograms, continuous glucose monitoring, and blood pressure recordings. Part of this work on big data also relates to developing new ways to visualize complex signals. Underlying themes are understanding complexity loss in life-threatening conditions and the translation of complexity science to biomedical risk stratification and decision-making. Her career's notable influence has been the ongoing work with the SisPorto team on fetal heart rate signals analysis. T.H. recently collaborate, as a complexity consultant, with an H2020 project - the DigiNewB. The study of blood pressure fluctuations in patients undergoing cardiac surgery (NIGMS RO-1; Dynamic Markers of Intraoperative Instability; B. Subramaniam, PI) in conjunction with A. L. Goldberger and M. D. Costa were of great significance for her professional development.

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