Nadine C Santos, PhD, holds a Researcher position at the Association P5 Digital Medical Centre (ACMP5), and previously at the Clinical Academic Center-Braga (2CA-B) in a health translational interregional project, all within the nexus of Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS) the University of Minho (UMinho) School of Medicine (EM). Is an Invited Assistant Professor (60%) at the EM/UMinho in the Humanities area of the medical curriculum. Was a FCT Research Assistant (2015-2018) at the ICVS (EM/UMinho) and the ICVS/3Bs - PT Government Associate Laboratory (Braga/Guimarães, Portugal), where she also conducted post-doctoral work (2009-2015) in neuroscience. Was a doctoral student (2004-2009) at the School of Molecular Biosciences, Washington State University; having also conducted her undergraduate (1998-2002) and MSc (2002-2004) studies in the United States, in biochemistry and forensic science, respectively. From 2011, her research goal has been centred on identifying factors contributing to healthy cognitive ageing, in the absence of pathological disease, as assessed by cognitive performance (potential, preservation and limits) and mood state. Ultimately, the aim is to translate the knowledge into effective, practical and sustainable solutions to promote cognitive healthspan in the older adult. Multidisciplinary approaches and measures (neuropsychological, clinical, biochemical and socio-demographic) are applied in a cross-sectional and longitudinal fashion in larger population-based cohorts, with interventional studies in smaller cohorts presently addressing the possible relation between quality of life measures and indicators cognitive health and performance in ageing. Current overall functions and responsibilities include: (i) establishment of community-wide network of contacts/recruitment outposts and overall maintenance and organisation of the recruitment and evaluation of the older/elderly human cohort; (ii) assessment and data analysis of socio-demographic, cognitive, biochemical and clinical variables; (iii) development and management of an integrated project databases; (iv) project logistics in project- and grant-related tasks as needed. Neuropsychological/cognitive study methodologies cover neuropsychological instruments and neuroimaging techniques, rendered possible by a net of collaborative work. Has supervised 4 PhD thesis on cognitive ageing (completed; on methodologies of assessment, on sleep quality, on correlates with physical activity, and on correlates with dietary habits/measures), and supervises 1 other PhD student (ongoing; on delirium). Since 2011, has co-authored > 70 peer-reviewed international articles (> 900 citations, with a h-index of 18) and has been co-PI in competitive funded projects in ageing. Aims to achieve scientific independence and maturity rendered possible by steady and value-based work via a consolidated network from researcher, to the health care provider, to the older individual. Was an active participant in the European Innovation Partnership - Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) of the European Commission, and strives to stay active in participation in conferences, congresses and workshops. Is an Associate Editor at Behavioural Brain Research, and an Editorial Board Member at Aging Brain. Is a member of the Ethics Committee for Life and Health Sciences at UMinho. Beyond her professional life, has lived in 4 countries across 3 continents, is a foster single-parent for at risk youth, loves her pets, her in-house garden, and appropriating walls and shelves for a plethora of books. Dreams of one day writing the perfect short-story. Truly enjoys her daily family evening walk as a mental reboot to tackle the next day, and for entertainment is a fan of all things science fiction. Finds common ground between her professional and personal life in her approach to both: balance, dedication, ethics, structure and, ultimately, attentiveness and caring.

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  • Santos, Nadine Correia
  • Santos, Nadine C

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2020/01/02 - Atual Investigador (Investigação) Associação Centro de Medicina P5 (ACMP5, Portugal
2009/12/01 - Atual Investigador (Investigação) Universidade do Minho Instituto de Investigação em Ciências da Vida e Saúde, Portugal
Universidade do Minho Instituto de Investigação em Ciências da Vida e Saúde, Portugal
2018/06/01 - 2019/12/31 Pós-doutorado (Investigação) Centro Clinico Académico-Braga, Portugal
2015/08/01 - 2018/06/30 Investigador Auxiliar (carreira) (Investigação) Universidade do Minho Escola de Medicina, Portugal
2011/11/01 - 2015/07/31 Pós-doutorado (Investigação) Universidade do Minho Escola de Medicina, Portugal
2009/12/01 - 2011/10/31 Pós-doutorado (Investigação) Universidade do Minho Escola de Medicina, Portugal

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2018/06/01 - 2020/12/31 Professor Auxiliar Convidado (Docente Universitário) Universidade do Minho Escola de Medicina, Portugal


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Recurso online
  1. Fernández Blázquez, Miguel Ángel ; Santos, Nadine Correia. State of the art projects Madrid + 90 and Braga + 90. 2019. https://cenie.eu/en/blogs/pilep90/state-art-projects-madrid-90-and-braga-90?fbclid=IwAR2vqRDJQSomEg5ps2Zi5m2jmaMZQnQOSbzlfMpeBykkacos8FGC24am2NA#.XJjJ2VlGjTs.facebook.


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  1. Factors associated with longevity: design and preliminary data of the MADRID+90 study. 2020. Santos, Nadine Correia. http://dx.doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/s9a84.

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2021/07/13 Santos NC, Bessa J, Leão C (2021). Oral communication. “Ethics curriculum at the University of Minho Medical Course: a longitudinal experience of student immersion in humanities applied to medical ethics”. Northeast Group on Educational Affairs (NEGEA). Health Humanities as Teaching and Learning Strategy Special Interest Group. Virtual Conference “Education and Research in the Health Humanities” Northeast Group on Educational Affairs (NEGEA
Health Humanities as Teaching and Learning Strategy Special Interest Group. Virtual Conference “Education and Research in the Health Humanities” (Estados Unidos)
2019/08/25 Santos NC, Bessa J, Morgado P, Sousa N, Cerqueira J, Leão C (2019) Short communication. “The "Vertical Domains" at the University of Minho Medical Course: a longitudinal experience of student immersion in humanities applied to clinical practice”. An International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) AMEE.2019. Vienna, Austria. International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) AMEE.2019
International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) (Áustria)

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2022/01 - Atual Behavioural Brain Research (0166-4328) Elsevier
2020/07/29 - Atual Aging Brain (2589-9589) Elsevier

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2020/10/20 Projeto GIRO ComUM
2020/04/09 Interview in an educational blog geared towards primary and secondary education students, teachers and parents, on science-related areas (3-part interview) Abecedário da Educação ("Education Alphabet")

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2022/05/12 - Atual Café com Ciência (ICVS , Facebook) How are we approaching studies on cognitive ageing at the ICVS-EM/UMinho
2016/01/06 - Atual RTPA1 - A Praça Maratona da Saúde - Importância do envelhecimento ativo
2020/10/14 - 2020/10/14 90 Segundos de Ciência ("90 Seconds of Science") | Radio station - Antena 1 GIRO Project (Ep. 938 Nadine Santos – Projeto Giro promove a atividade física na população sénior durante o confinamento)
2016/03/22 - 2016/03/22 Antena 1 - Os dias da Rádio Maratona da Saúde - "A importância do envelhecimento ativo" ("The importance of active ageing")

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2019/01/01 - Atual Life and Health Sciences Ethics Committe (Comissão de Ética para as Ciências da Vida e da Saúde, CECVS)
Universidade do Minho, Portugal
2012/09 - 2018/06 Life and Health Sciences Ethics Subcommittee (Subcomissão de Ética para as Ciências da Vida e da Saúde, SECVS)
Universidade do Minho, Portugal