Carlos Leitão is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Coimbra (UC) and, as a researcher, over the last years, focused his investigation on the Production Technologies field, mainly on the study of friction-based joining/processing technologies and their quality assessment and optimisation, mechanical behaviour and metallurgical characteristics. More recently, is addressing the dissimilar joining of know-as unweldable materials or alloys using conventional and non-conventional joining processes, such as the additive techniques based ones. More, the metallurgical and mechanical characterisation of base materials and welds by conventional and non-conventional testing is also one of his research areas of interest, being one of the first users of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for strain measurement during mechanical testing of welds in Portugal. He was the PI of the Friction 4.0 project, where the development of strategies for Predicting, Modelling and Controlling the Frictional Heating during Friction Stir Welding and related technologies, using experimental and numerical tools was envisaged. In fact, the continuous participation in scientific collaborative works and R&D projects made possible the establishment of important network with other international R&D entities, namely, from Spain, Italy, Tunisia, and India. Internally, Carlos Leitão is also collaborator of other research centres, such as Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (ISISE), associated to other engineering areas.

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  • Leitão, C.
  • Carlos Leitao
  • Carlos M. A. Leitao

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