In 2010 I completed my PhD in the Spatial Planning of Mediterranean Rural Landscapes at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). Between 2009 and 2015 I worked as a Spatial and Land-Use Planner at the James Hutton Institute (before 2012, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute) in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since September 2015 I have worked as a Researcher (Investigador Auxiliar Convidado) at the University of Évora (Portugal). My focus during this period has been on testing multiple social-ecological concepts and approaches for the governance of rural land-use and landscapes. Currently, the main objective of my research is to devise novel approaches and methods to tackle the multiple challenges that arise around changes in Mediterranean and other European rural landscapes, territories, and communities. My academic and professional background has evolved from an original focus on unraveling the complexity of land-use and landscapes, using Geographic Information Technologies and modeling tools (UG and Msc), towards envisioning more sustainable and resilient governance options for rural Land Use and Landscapes (Phd and post-doc). To tackle the challenges raised, I draw on methods and theories from Geography, Sustainability Sciences, Ecology, Socio-Economics, and Spatial Planning. I have developed and implemented numerous methods and techniques, both quantitative, and qualitative. Among the former I have worked with Spatial Analysis, Uncertainty and Complexity Modeling, Object-Based Programming, and Landscape and Land Use Modeling and Assessment. Among the latter, I have developed Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups and Participatory Workshops, Knowledge co-Construction (trans-disciplinary) approaches, and Institutional and Policy Impact Assessments. I have conducted research and consultancy tasks in several regions of Europe, being my current geographical area of focus SW Iberia considered in its wider Mediterranean context, but also more punctually other rural landscapes in NW and NE Europe. Along my research career, I have participated as a researcher in 32 projects and programs funded at regional, national, and international levels. In one of them (OLEADAPT-FCT) I am co-PI. Over the past 5 years, I have published 16 papers in ISI-listed journals and acted as guest editor in 3 special issues published in Land-Use Policy (SI on Mediterranean Farming Systems, 2019), Landscape Ecology (SI on Landscape Approaches, 2019), and Sustainability Science (SI on Agro-Forestry Landscapes, 2020). Over this same period, I have also published 9 book chapters and coordinated 7 symposia at international conferences. Lastly, I have presented 20 oral papers at national and international conferences in the same period since 2015. My 5-year h- and i-10-indexes in Google Scholar are 9, and my RG Score is 21,94. I have taught modules and lectured at UG and PG levels in Spain, Portugal, and the UK, including in the following institutions: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha-Toledo, Spain (Geographic Information Systems), University of Aberdeen (Landscape Modelling and Assessment), and University of Dundee (Landscape and Land-Use Planning), in Scotland, and Universidade de Évora-Portugal (Rural Landscapes, Research Methods, Global Contemporary Challenges). I have initiated and coordinated student exchange and internship programs with the following European educational and research institutions: Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Universidad Pablo de Olavide and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), Sussex University, the University of Aberdeen, and the University of Dundee (UK), Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), Universitá di Reggio Calabria (Italy), and Szent Istvan University (Hungary). Finally, I have acted as a consultant for public and private institutions, contributing to projects for environmental impact and strategic assessments, landscape and land-use management plans, and sustainable rural development programs.

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José Muñoz Rojas Morenés

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  • Munoz-Rojas, J

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  • Universidade de Évora, MED-Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment. Núcleo da Mitra Gab. 206, Edificio dos Regentes Agrícolas (CP:94), 7006-554, Évora, Évora, Portugal (Profissional)


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