Joana Loureiro graduated in chemical engineering - specialization in biotechnology (thesis project develop in the University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA, 2010) followed by a master‘s in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2018). Upon completion of her PhD in 2013, she was awarded with a post-doctoral grant under an international project, where she worked from 2014-2019. She have been working as a researcher at the Laboratory for Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy (LEPABE) since 2010 and Invited Assistant Professor at Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP) since 2018. In 2019 she was awarded with a researcher position (CEEC – from FCT), becoming an integrated member of the LEPABE, which brought her more independence. Her previous research experience has provided her strong skill sets to develop an interdisciplinary research at the highest level. For the last 10 years, she have been investigating in the field of drug delivery system for brain diseases treatment. Additionally, she was focused on understanding the mechanisms of protein misfolding and pathogenic biomarkers associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson´s disease. She is/was involved in several projects (>12), and she have been in active collaboration with several national and international research groups (USA, France, Germany, Spain, etc). In 2017, she was awarded by Fulbright wich allowed her to start a colaboration at the University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth) at Houston. After starting her PhD research, she did 2 international scientific internships, one in the UTHealth, USA and one in Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Heidelberg, Germany. These research projects led to publishing of more than 50 publications in prestigious refereed books and journals, most in top journals (97% Q1) in several fields. One of them have been published in the Top 5% by SCImago Journal & Country Rank and 10 in Top 10% journals in Scopus’s. The scientific impact and quality of these publications have given more than 700 citations and an h-index of 15, being refereed in scientific papers for several top journals, such as Nature Reviews Neuroscience and Small. She presented her research in more than 40 national and international conferences (USA, England, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, etc) with oral presentations and posters. In the last 5 years, she successfully (co-)supervised 7 MSc and 1 PhD. Currently, she is a PhD advisor of 3 students and MSc advisor of 3 students. She was also become a member of post-graduation juries. She is an active member in the organization of scientific events and soft skills workshops.

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