Erika Buscardo has an extensive experience in terrestrial ecosystem ecology. She holds degree in Biology (B.Sc. / M.Sc., University of Padua, 2000), Forest Ecology (M.Sc., University of Coimbra, 2006) and in Ecology (Ph.D. University of Coimbra, 2011; summa cum laude). She has developed detailed and thorough understanding of soil microbial ecology and its links with other research areas such as ecosystems ecology, molecular biology, biogeochemistry and earth system research and has experience in Europe and South America. Erika's research has been focusing on soil microbial dynamics and function to quantify their natural spatio-temporal variability and use it as a baseline to detect significant divergence in ecosystem function in response to natural events and global change drivers. Inworking in a highly international setting during her career, she has developed a holistic view of terrestrial ecosystem ecology that she applies in her interdisciplinary research. Erika is highly experienced in molecular laboratory techniques, soil analysis, in-situ and laboratory experiment, numerical data analysis and project management techniques and tools. She has been involved in several international projects, being responsible for the below-ground component in five of them. Since 2019 Erika has been a visiting researcher/visiting associate professor, at the Post-graduate Programme in Forest Science at the University of Brasília where she has been lecturing, Scientific Writing, Project Seminars in Forest Sciences and Research Methods. She had co-supervised 2 MSc theses (concluded) and she is currently co-supervising 1 MSc and 2 PhD students. She is first author of 10 peer review papers in top ecology, mycology and multidisciplinary science journals and co-author in other 15. Since 2012 she has been the managing editor of Plant Ecology & Diversity and in July 2021, she was invited to join the editorial member of Communications Earth & Environment, a new journal of the Nature Group. Erika has been a reviewer for 24 ISI journals including top ecology titles Functional Ecology, Molecular Ecologist, New Phytologist, Global Change Biology.

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Erika Buscardo

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  • Buscardo, Erika

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