Pedro Branco (1988) has a Master (2011) and a PhD degree with Cum Laude distinction (European Doctorate, September 2019) in Environmental Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP). His scientific career started in September 2012 at the Laboratory for Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy (LEPABE), working in INAIRCHILD project (2012-2015) "Indoor Air Pollution on Nurseries and Primary Schools: Impact on Childhood Asthma". Branco was awarded a FCT PhD scholarship (2014) under the topic "Impact of Indoor Air Pollution on Childhood Asthma". During PhD, Branco has participated in 5 national R&I projects, and started his international career in 2017 as a visiting researcher with a stay at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), working in a European project (HELIX). Since the completion of his PhD (<5 years ago), Branco has been working as a Junior Researcher at LEPABE, coordinating key R&I activities, and being responsible for management and communication in at least 5 different projects. Since PhD, as an Early Career Investigator (ECI) he was actively involved in the European Indoor Air Pollution Network (COST Action INDAIRPOLLNET, https://indairpollnet.eu/) independently of his supervisors, having participated in general meetings and workshops/training schools, organised 3 events and contributed for the WG4 (low-cost sensors for IAQ) and WG5 (educational and healthcare buildings). He is also a member of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ). Branco published 29 papers in indexed journals (Scopus based h-index 13; 594 citations), of which 26 in Q1 (all top 10%) and 2 in Q2 journals. He is first author in 11 of those papers (mean IF of 8.976; all in Q1), and has published with more than 50 different authors from more than 39 different international institutions. He has made 35 publications in international conference proceedings, 22 oral (9 by invitation) and 5 poster presentations, and co-authored 3 book chapters (with ISBN). He is serving as invited reviewer in 14 indexed journals, Editorial Board Member in “Pollutants”, and Guest Editor in 3 Special Issues (IJERPH, Sustainability and Pollutants). He was member of International Scientific Committees of 4 international conferences (Indoor Air 2022, Healthy Buildings Europe 2023, EMCEI 2024, Indoor Air 2024). His PhD thesis was awarded both the European title and the Cum Laude (the highest distinction from UPorto). He was also awarded with the best oral presentation in one international event. Branco has teaching and mentoring experience: (co-)supervised 1 PhD student (ongoing), 3 Master students and 1 Bachelor student, mentored 2 PhD students and 2 Master students under the SENSINAIR and INAIRCHILD projects, and has been invited lecturer at the Doctoral Programs in Environmental Engineering and in Chemical and Biological Engineering at FEUP, teaching Statistics, Data Analysis and R programming to PhD students. Branco was organiser or involved on the organising committee of 11 international scientific events and other dissemination/outreach activities: co-coordinated LEPABE institutional movie (2018), and promoted R&I in public open-days, in schools and in city councils. He has also experience in consulting, and served as External Expert evaluating research and innovation applications at national (Cyprus) and European level. He also participated in several training events, and has acquired several technical skills, namely related with data analysis (advanced statistical modelling, machine learning), teaching/mentoring, project management and communication. Recently (2023) he was granted with a 6-year individual research grant (https://doi.org/10.54499/2022.05461.CEECIND/CP1733/CT0011).

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  • Branco, Pedro
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  • Branco, Pedro T.B.S.

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