Isabel Maria F.L. da Fonseca is Associate Professor at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (FCT) of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL) since 2012. Obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering (Heterogeneous Catalysis) from FCT-UNL (1983); Master in chemistry of the Catalytic Processes from Instituto Superior Técnico (1986); Graduated in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (1982). She was Invited Professor at Pennsylvania State University (USA) (1993-1996). Supervised 2 PhD thesis and co-supervised 5 PhD thesis. Participated as PI or as research member in several International and National projects (20). Participated in 140 international and national conferences and received 2 awards. Supervised National (1) and International (6 from Brazil and Ukraine) post-doctoral students. Supervised and co-supervised several Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry Master thesis (54). Participated as main arguer in several (61) national and international PhD tribunals. Published 167 papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals of high scientific impact and is co-author of 5 book chapters (H40). Participated in several national (7) and international (8) conferences as co-organizer or as member of the scientific committee. She was a member of the Executive Commission of the Chemistry Department and also of the Associated Laboratory (LAQVREQUIMTE, 2013-2017). She is the Erasmus Coordinator of the Chemistry Department since 2000.

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  • Fonseca, Isabel M.
  • I.F. Silva, I.Santos Silva, Isabel F.Silva, I.Santos Silva, I.S. Silva,

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  • blo@fct.unl.pt (Profissional)


  • 212948385 Ext.: 10929 (Profissional)


  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Quinta da Torre, Dep. Química, 2829-516, Monte Caparica, Almada, Portugal (Profissional)

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  • Ciências da Engenharia e Tecnologias - Engenharia Química
  • Ciências da Engenharia e Tecnologias - Engenharia Química - Engenharia dos Processos Químicos


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Francês Utilizador independente (B1) Utilizador proficiente (C1) Utilizador independente (B1) Utilizador independente (B1)
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Chemical Engineering (Doutoramento)
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Portugal
"Oxidation and Hydrogenation of activated carbon catalysed by molybdenum,cobalt and nickel" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
Distinction with unanimously
Chemistry of the Catalytic Processes (Mestrado)
Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
"Catalytic gasification of carbon with CO2 ,using as catalyst MoO3 and K2CO3" (TESE/DISSERTAÇÃO)
Very Good
Chemical Engineering (Licenciatura)
Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
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2012/06/20 - Atual Professor Associado (Docente Universitário) Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Portugal
1993 - 2012 Professor Auxiliar (Docente Universitário) Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Química, Portugal
1986 - 1993 Assistente (Docente Universitário) Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Portugal


Categoria Profissional
Instituição de acolhimento
1983 - 1986 Assistant (trainee) Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Portugal


Designação Financiadores
2019 - 2023 Desenvolvimento de prototipo de reactor catalitico Net4GtL para produção continua de hidrocarbonetos liquidos a partir de gás de sintese (CO e H2) pela reaccção de Fisher Tropsh (FT) baseado num novo tipo de reactor (NETmix)
ANP nº50/2015
Galp Energia SGPS SA, Portugal
Em curso
2019 - 2021 Nanoporous carbon-based structured composites derived from metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) - A new promising fine-tuned media for gas adsorption and separation applications
FCT/MEC project PTDC/CTM-CTM/30326/2017, 2019-2021,
Em curso
2016 - 2019 Dry reforming of natural gas using bimetallic catalysts in micro channel reactors in order to monitor the CO2 reservoir
project nºEQ19555 (Petrogal Brasil and ANP , Brasil)
Galp Energia SGPS SA
Em curso
2015 - 2019 Biorefinery for the Production of Low- and High-Grade Activated Carbon from forestry wastes, maize residues and biogas digestate
EU project ERANET LAC/0004/2014
2010 - 2013 Fullerene-based systems for oxidative inactivation of airborne microbial pathogens
NANO_GUARD Project N°269138 MC-IRSES International Research Staff Exchange Schem
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Química, Portugal
2010 - 2013 Increased Lifetime Safety and Reliability of Conventional and Nuclear Power Generation Plants
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Química, Portugal
2009 - 2012 Preparation of polymeric materials with catalytic activity to biodiesel.Vegetable oil methanolysis
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Química, Portugal
2008 - 2011 Molecular mobility, phase transitions and stability of pharmaceutical under nanoconfinement
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Química, Portugal
2008 - 2011 Encapsulated flavinium cations
2008 - 2010 Application of carbon TiO2 composites to the removal of organic pollutants from waste waters
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Química, Portugal
2002 - 2005 New approach to waste recovery into selective adsorbents of heavy metals
Proj. NATO Science for Peace Program nº 977984, 2002.
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Química, Portugal
2002 - 2005 Transterification of vegetable oils. Application to biodiesel production
2001 - 2003 Catalytic Depolymerization of waste plastic residues of general use
POCTI /EQU/37946/2001.
2000 - 2003 Development of catalytic polymeric membranes to the epoxidation of terpenics olefins
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Departamento de Química, Portugal
2000 - 2003 ANGuard:Adsorbed Natural Gas System with Guard-Bed Device.
EU ENK6-CT2000-00053.
2000 - 2003 Intercalation as a new approach for obtaining highly efficient pi adsorbents and supports catalysts
Proj. INTAS_00-00750/2000.
1999 - 2002 Development of adsorbents to remove heavy metals from industrial effluents
Proyecto CYTED V.6
1999 - 2002 Integrated process of recovering and reutilization of heavy metals
1996 - 1999 Theoretical and experimental study of organic compounds adsorption ,on chemical modified activated carbon
1997 - 1998 Novel Method for Plasma Torch Generation of Nanotubes and Catalysis”, NATO Collaborative Link, com o Department of Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University,USA
NATO colaborative Link proj. Nº 97301, 1997.
1997 - 1998 Novel Method for Plasma Torch Generation of Nanotubes and Catalysis”, NATO Collaborative Link, com o Department of Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University,USA
NATO colaborative Link proj. Nº 97301, 1997.
1995 - 1998 Hydration of alfa pinene in the presence of microporous catalysts. Application to membrane reactors
PRAXIS XXI nº3/3.3/CEG/2597/95.
1994 - 1997 Development of technologies to control the pollutants emissions resulting of coal combustion in a fluidized bed
Praxis XXI/3/3.1/ENR/18/94.


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2017 - Atual Stabilization strategies of pharmaceuticals of improved bioavailability: correlation between the mobility and the release mechanisms(2017-2020)
Coorientador de Teresa Margarida Lopes Martins Cordeiro
2015 - Atual COMBAT - Graphene Composites for Sodium Ion Batteries; O aluno desistiu do doutoramento em 2019 devido a problemas de saúde
Coorientador de Paulo José Vitorino Duarte Neves
Química Sustentável (Doutoramento)
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
2015 - 2018 Dynamic simulation of acetylene hydrogenation
Coorientador de Bruna Alexandra Canuto Rijo Rijo
2014 - 2018 Catalytic alkylation of isobutanes with a mixture of butylenes”
2012 - 2013 Adsorption of Ibuprofen , paracetamol and caffeine on activated carbons obtained from solid residues
Orientador de Osório Couto Junior
2009 - 2010 PMMA depolymerization using as catalysts mixed oxides
Coorientador de Genaro Clericuzi,
2007 - 2010 Waste recovery into activated carbon for water purification from heavy metals
Orientador de Olena Lygina
1988 - 2001 Conversion of NO, NO2 , N2O and CO2, adsorption/dessorption of SO2 using binary mixtures of catalysts supported on activated carbon


2018 Prémio InovAção Valorpneu
Valorpneu - Sociedade de Gestão de Pneus, Lda., Portugal

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2004 Prize to the Innovation in Environmental Catalysis and Green Chemistry