Francisco Correia dos Santos is Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico (Dep. Computer Science and Engineering), University of Lisbon and senior researcher of the Group on Artificial Intelligence for People and Society (GAIPS) part of INESC-ID. Currently, he is vice-president of the Board of Directors of FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia). He received a PhD in Computer Science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) as a Marie Curie PhD Fellow at the Institut de Recherches Interdisciplinaires et Intelligence Artificielle (IRIDIA). He was FRS-FNRS Chargé de Recherches at the Machine Learning Group of ULB (Brussels) and Investigador Auxiliar (Carreira de Investigação) at the Department of Computer Science and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence of NOVA University (CENTRIA-UNL). He has published about 190 articles in various scientific areas, including Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Governance, Network Science, the Ecology of Cancer, Early Modern History, Robotics, Urban dynamics, and Experimental Economics. His work has appeared in interdisciplinary venues such as Nature, PNAS, Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, Nature Sustainability, Phys. Rev. Lett., PLoS Computational Biology, Proc. Royal Society of London B, etc., and specialized Computer Science conferences such as AAAI, IJCAI, and AAMAS, among others. He regularly serves as PC or Senior PC member in the same meetings (IJCAI, AAMAS, ALife, NetSci, Complex Networks, etc.). He was the recipient of the IST/Univ. Lisbon Excellence in teaching award every year since 2012, being awarded the IST's Outstanding Teaching Award in 2022. He was awarded the 2017 Young Scientist Award for Socio and Econophysics of the German Physical Society. In 2016, he received the Universidade de Lisboa/Caixa Geral de Depósitos 2016 scientific prize. He was elected a junior fellow (SJC) of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences (ACL) (2017-2020). He has participated in 17 research projects in Portugal and Belgium, being Principal Investigator or co-PI in 8 of them, all of which with the highest evaluations. He (co-) supervises or has supervised +40 master's theses, 10 doctoral students, and two post-docs. He was invited/plenary speaker over 100 times, including several keynote lectures at international conferences and workshops. He regularly serves as a referee for +40 journals indexed by ISI and Scopus, and is associate editor of five of them. He has evaluated research projects submitted to European (ESF), Portuguese (FCT), Cypriot (RPF), Dutch (NWO), Hungarian (NKFIH) and Belgian (FWO) funding agencies. Before joining FCT in July 2022, he was the coordinator of the Group of Artificial Intelligence for People and Society (GAIPS), part of INESC-ID, and co-head of the interdisciplinary group ATP. He was also one of the coordinators (and proponent) of the new MSc in Data Science and Engineering of IST, and coordinator of the PhD programme in Computer Science and Engineering of IST, U. Lisbon.

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Francisco João Duarte Cordeiro Correia dos Santos

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  • Santos, Francisco C.
  • Santos, F. C.

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  • Ciências da Engenharia e Tecnologias - Engenharia Eletrotécnica, Eletrónica e Informática
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PhD in Computer Science - Docteur en Sciences de l'Ingénieur (Docteur)
Especialização em Artificial Intelligence
Université Libre de Bruxelles Institut de Recherches Interdisciplinaires et de Développements en Intelligence Artificielle, Bélgica
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Instituição de acolhimento
2012/01/01 - Atual Investigador (Investigação) Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa, Portugal

Docência no Ensino Superior

Categoria Profissional
Instituição de acolhimento
2021/07/01 - Atual Professor Catedrático (Docente Universitário) Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal