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Ana Eulalio

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  • Eulalio, Ana

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  • Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC), University of Coimbra. UC-BIOTECH, Parque Tecnologico de Cantanhede, Nucleo 04, Lote 08, 3060-197, Cantanhede, Cantanhede, Portugal (Profissional)
  • Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, Armstrong Road, Flowers building, room 1.42, SW7 2AZ, London, London, Reino Unido (Profissional)


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  • Ciências Naturais - Ciências Biológicas - Biologia Celular
  • Ciências Naturais - Ciências Biológicas - Microbiologia
  • Ciências Naturais - Ciências Biológicas - Biologia Molecular


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  1. Aguilar, C.; Mano, M.; Eulalio, A.. "Multifaceted roles of microRNAs in host-bacterial pathogen interaction". In Bacteria and Intracellularity, editado por Pascale Cossart; Craig R. Roy; Philippe Sansonetti, 247-266. Estados Unidos: American Society of Microbiology, 2019.

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