Paula Marta Bruno is Assistant Professor at the Division of Mathematical Methods at the Faculty of Human Kinetics (FMH), University of Lisbon. She holds Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in Statistics and Operational Research, and a Ph.D. in Human Kinetics, field of Mathematical Methods. As investigator, the research interests are in the field of statistical analysis and time series analysis. She mainly focuses in the study of models and in the development of algorithms applied to the human kinetics sciences (some examples include physiologic responses to exercise, analysis of electromyography patterns, and evaluation of the effects of exercise training). She has published several papers in scientific international journals (Research Domain: Sport Sciences, Physiology, Engineering, Transplantation, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging). She is a member of Center of Interdisciplinary Study of Human Performance and was member of FMH’s Ethics Council for Research (2012-2021, vice president (2018-2021)). As Professor, she has taught both mathematics and statistics in all FMH's study degrees. She is currently responsible teaching member of the curricular unit Advanced Research Methods - Quantitative Analysis of the Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology. She was Co-Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychomotor Rehabilitation (2010-2014) and Coordinator of FMH's Division of Mathematical Methods (2021-2023).

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Paula Marta Pereira Bruno

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  • Bruno, Paula
  • Bruno, Paula Marta

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