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Carlos Smaniotto Costa

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  • Smaniotto Costa, Carlos

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2008/03/01 - Atual Professor Catedrático (Docente Universitário)
Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias Centro de Estudos Interdisciplinares em Educação e Desenvolvimento, Portugal


Designação Financiadores
2017 - 2021/04 C3PLACES using ICT for co-creation of inclusive public places
H2020/JPI UrbanEurope/ENSUF
2014 - 2018/05 CyberParks - Fostering knowledge about the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces supported by strategies to improve their use and attractiveness
TU 1306
European Cooperation in Science and Technology


Artigo em revista
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Artigo em revista (magazine)
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Capítulo de livro
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