Alexandra Correia is currently an Assistant Researcher at INIAV IP (CEECINST/00012/2018/CP1502/CT0003) with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to forestry research projects. The Pi has a degree in Forest Engineering and Natural Resources Management, a master in Plant Production and a PhD in Forest Engineering since 2013, from ISA. She coordinated one FCT competitive research project (https://doi.org/10.54499/PCIF/MOS/0012/2019) and other 3 as a institutional coordinator, including an Operational group and a PRR Transform Agenda. Collaborated in 13 national and 6 international projects. Has a total of 22 research papers in international referee journals, 5 book chapter and more than 60 communications in national and international dissemination events. Organized 10 national and international events and is currently mentoring 16 students (3 grants, 11 masters and 2 PhDs) some of them already finished. Alexandra Correia has a strong background on ecophysiology monitoring of Mediterranean woody species, with experience in soil-plant-atmosphere monitoring particularly carbon and water fluxes in trees, shrubs, herbaceous and soil level focusing on the impacts of seasonal droughts on ecosystem productivity and plant functioning. Experience in carbon sequestration monitoring, analysis and interpretation using outputs from the eddy-covariance method. Modelling carbon stock using biomass alometric equations according with IPCC guidelines. Applied ecological studies using tree rings, remote sensing techniques, phenology monitoring approaches to study the responses to abiotic stresses. Several topics regarding forest management and adaptative silviculture, namely Pinus pinea fertirrigation, Quercus suber stripping, improved pastures in soil quality and productivity, Eucalyptus globulus soil residues and organic material management in species growth and response to biotic and abiotic stresses. The last 7 years have been dedicated to the study of species mixtures (Pinus pinea and Quercus suber) to increase resilience to environmental changes.

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Alexandra Correia
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