Patrícia Coimbra holds a degree in Chemical Engineering (2001), a Master in Biochemical Engineering (2004) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering (2010) from the University of Coimbra. She works as a researcher at the Center for Chemical Engineering and Renewable Resources for Sustainability (CERES). Her current research interests focus on the development of nano-/micro-encapsulated ionic liquid-based materials for advanced applications. Patrícia's main scientific activities are in the field of biomaterials, where she has a solid experience in the development of polymer-based materials for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications. She also has experience in thermodynamics, specifically in the experimental determination and modeling of solid solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide. Dr. Coimbra has co-authored 36 full-length peer-reviewed papers, 8 extended conference papers, 6 book chapters, and more than 25 oral and poster communications at international scientific meetings. Her works have been cited more than 1400 times (Scopus) and she has an h-index of 21.

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Patrícia Manuela Almeida Coimbra

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