I am a soil ecologist with a strong multidisciplinary background in soil microbial ecology, global environmental change, historical legacies, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. I am currently a Ramon y Cajal researcher at the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO; Spain). I have >12 year of experience working as a researcher including >4.5 years of international and >2 years of national postdoctoral experience. Since I finished my PhD at the University Pablo de Olavide (UPO; 2013), I have worked as a postdoc at the Western Sydney University (WSU, Australia; 2014-2016), University of Colorado-Boulder (USA, 2016-2018), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain, 2013, 2018-2019), Universidad de Alicante (2019). I am also an honorary fellow at WSU (2016-), and an adjunct professor at the Chinese Academy of Science (2019-). Moreover, I have also conducted multiple national and international research stays at Colorado State University (USA), Northern Arizona University (USA), University of Canterbury (New Zealand), UPO and URJC. I have published >120 JCR articles, which include lead-author articles in leading multidisciplinary and ecological journals like Science, Nature, PNAS, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Nature Climate Change, The ISME Journal, Nature Ecology & Evolution, and Ecology Letters. I am also a co-author of high-profile papers published in PNAS, Science, Nature Communications, The ISME Journal, Ecology Letters, Nature Ecology & Evolution and Nature Microbiology. I have published four book chapters, and four articles in peer-reviewed Spanish journals. My publications have received 4613 citations according to Google Scholar ( GS), and my current H-index is 29 (Web of Science; WoS) and 33 (GS). Also, according to WoS, I am the author of five “Highly Cited” papers (top 1% in Ecology) and one “Hot Paper” (top 0.1% in Ecology). My work has been presented in >40 national and international scientific meetings, including four invited talks in China, USA and Spain. It has been communicated to the public via press releases, radio interviews, newspapers (ABC, El País, etc.) and webpages. I have participated in 14 national and international projects, being the PI of three of them (~350,000€), and the CO-PI of another one (~300,000 €) from the Australian Research Council. I am the main coordinator of two global collaborative networks CLIMIFUN and MUSGONET including collaborators from >20 countries on every continent. I am credited as "Profesor contratado doctor" by ANECA since 2015, obtained the I3 certificated in 2019, and have advised two PhD students. Moreover, I am a section Editor in the international journals Plant and Soil and Frontiers in Microbiology, and have experience reviewing scientific proposals from national and international funding agencies (e.g., NSF-USA). I have been awarded with an Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the UPO (2013) and the “Andaluces del Futuro” Award (Science category, 2018).

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Manuel Delgado Baquerizo

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  • Delgado-Baquerizo M.

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