I am a researcher, professor, performer, and artistic director. Currently, I am a researcher and professor at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, where I lecture on Performance Studies, Contemporary Dance (1st Cycle), and Practice as Research (3rd Cycle). After an initial professional path in environmental sciences and a Ph.D., in which I extended my inquiry into the areas of communication and cultural studies, I proceeded with post-doctoral research in theatre studies, ultimately uniting my broad artistic experience with my academic activities. At the same time, I joined the Centre for Theatre Studies, where I would become the coordinator of the Centre's line of research Critical Discourses in Performing Arts - a position I hold since 2016. Over the last decade, I have been publishing several articles and essays on contemporary performing arts, focusing primarily on the Portuguese practice. The edition of the book 'Intensified bodies from the performing arts in Portugal' published by Peter Lang in 2017 is one of the most relevant publishing outcomes; and the recent publication of a new Ph.D. thesis (July of 2023) about the importance of the artistic production of the nineties within the Portuguese performing arts' contemporary history the latest of these dissemination efforts. In the context of participation in international networks, I am a member (and former co-convener) of the Choreography and Corporeality Working Group of the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) and the International Group for the Cultural Studies of the Body (CORPUS). I am also part of the "Sinais de Cena: performing arts and theatre studies journal" Editorial Board. As an actor, I began my career in 2001, gaining a broad experience both in theatre and cinema before going on to be nominated for best actor by the Portuguese Society of Authors in 2022. As an artistic director, I won the first prize in the Portuguese Academic Theatre Festival with my first project in 2009 and, more recently, the award for best solo performance by Guia dos Teatros (2019). Since 2012, I am a regular contributor to the Teatro do Vestido - a theatre group known for its documentary character and historical inquiry. Following the reinforced connection between theatre-making and academic research, I have also expanded my research scope onto Practice-as-Research. This methodological approach has allowed me to find a consistent continuity between theory and practice. In particular, through the deepening of the phenomenologies that frame performing arts research in academic contexts. The growing invitations for the organization of events and training in this field (e.g., Na Prática Summer School) and my selection to integrate the Research Academy 2020 at Zurich University of the Arts around the theme of 'The Situational Self: Acting and Identity' are some of the latest pieces of evidence of this acquired expertise. It was as an artist-researcher that I have been, over the last four years, re-attuning my research interests to eco-performance. A field that brings ecological thinking to bear in the transversal realm of artistic production, criticism, and scholarship and that came out, precisely, of the dialogue between the environmental sciences and performing arts studies. My latest award-winning performance Senhor Ninguém [Mr. Nobody] (2019) and the recent invitation to write an extended dictionary entry about eco-performance in Portugal are already two distinct outcomes of this course of research. The study of eco-performance is the natural follow-up in my professional career, connecting the ultimate vertex of the triangle drawn out from my experience as an environmental and performing arts researcher.

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